Month: May 2015

Correcting Jaw Balance with Orthognathic Surgery

The significance of balance is paramount throughout many aspects of your dental health. If your teeth are not straight, then they can cause problems with your whole bite’s alignment, which in turn can lead to a host of subsequent issues, like tooth damage. If your jaw is out of alignment, then the consequences can be… Read more »

Understanding Oral Pathology – Oral Cancer

In the realm of dental surgery, oral pathology describes detecting, treating, and educating patients on serious oral health concerns – one of the most significant being oral cancer. As experts in complex oral health issues, we help explain the importance of oral pathology, particularly oral cancer detection, and how it can help you overcome the… Read more »

Are Dental Implants a Necessity?

When you lose a tooth, or several of them, you might realize that replacing them is necessary to restore your bite’s function, not to mention your smile’s healthy, youthful appearance. However, you might not realize the necessity of securing your replacement teeth to an appropriate number of dental implants. Because your teeth consist of more… Read more »

Questions About Bone Grafting

Jawbone grafting describes a variety of surgical techniques designed to strengthen the upper and/or lower jawbone, often in preparation for dental implant placement. By adding density and volume to the bone, your jaw can better support the implant posts and the restoration attached to them. However, bone grafting does more than prepare your jaw for… Read more »