Month: October 2019

How Implants Help When You’re Super Tired 

Dental implants offer many benefits with which you have probably become recently very familiar, if you’re figuring out what to do next about your missing tooth or teeth. You know that they replace roots, that they can last forever, and that there are different ways to utilize them in order to arrive at one beautifully… Read more »

How To Convince Yourself To Schedule An Oral Surgery Consultation 

In your heart of hearts, you are well aware that what you need is oral surgery. You even know from your dentist or from simply hearing about us that our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice is here, waiting for your call! However, you’re missing that final push, that convincing bit of motivation… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Choices That Are Totally Your Own 

When tooth loss happens to you, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself feeling as though the choices are out of your hands. You’re supposed to replace your teeth, you keep hearing that the best way to do so is with dental implants and restorations, and that you’ve got to start as soon as humanly possible…. Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Things You’re Investing In

It’s one of those things you hear almost instantly, when you mention dental implants to a friend or family member: They ask you about the investment! One may be asking you about costs. The other may imply that implants require more time than traditionally supported prosthetics. So, you’re left with a question to answer for… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Embarrassed By Your Smile Damage?

Here’s the scenario: You know without any doubt that what you need in order to get your smile back in shape is oral surgery. You’re not worried about receiving it and you’re actually looking forward to making your smile all better again. However, what you are dealing with that’s not so fantastic is some embarrassment… Read more »

3 Times When Surgical Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Extracting a tooth is usually an option that’s only recommended when a tooth can’t be saved. In many cases, the procedure is a simple one that involves gently loosening a tooth within its socket and then removing it carefully. However, in some cases, successfully removing a troublesome tooth isn’t so simple. At our Santa Rosa,… Read more »

Our Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Practice: Why We Love What We Do! 

We’d like to let you in on a little (not so secret) fact: The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at our Santa Rosa, CA practice love what we do! What’s that, you ask? Well, in short, we offer you comprehensive oral surgery services, including advanced imaging technology, all under one roof. We provide you with the… Read more »

What Makes Oral Surgery Similar To Your Routine Dental Care?

If you’re like many patients we see for oral surgery needs at our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, then you see routine dental care as just another part of life. It’s no biggie! However, when the topic of surgery comes up, all bets are off! There’s something about needing specialized care that… Read more »

Seeing Us About Oral Surgery: A Typical Run Through 

You know that you’re coming in to see our Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team for a visit because the thing that’s going on with your smile … your general dentist cannot fix it. So, here you are, planning on visiting an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice and this is completely new territory for you…. Read more »

Extractions: Teeth You Do And Do Not Need! 

One of the most common concerns that patients express to our Rohnert Park, CA team when we suggest a dental extraction? They worry about whether or not the tooth that is being removed is a tooth that is necessary. Will the tooth need to be replaced? Or, can it go and be forgotten with no… Read more »