Month: February 2016

3 Things To Bring To Your Visit

Are you someone who likes to feel completely prepared for just about anything? When it comes to preparing for oral surgery, you may feel that the stakes are a bit higher. The last thing you want is to show up without an essential item, only to find yourself faced with rescheduling and coming in for… Read more »

What Are Those Oral Surgery Terms?

Do you understand that there’s something going on with your oral health that requires you to visit us for oral surgery – but you feel like your knowledge ends there? Are you discovering that there are a few terms related to our field of oral care that continue to throw you off a bit, so… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Getting Started

When you are well aware that you require oral surgery but you are not sure how to go about approaching this need of yours, you can find that the days and the weeks fly by – and you still haven’t come in to see us. Fortunately, getting started is quite simple (and, as you know,… Read more »

3 Reasons Implants Are Reliable

If you are thinking about selecting dental implants for your smile, you might be weighing the pros and cons of implants against other prosthetic solutions for tooth loss. When it comes to reliability, implants have a leg up when compared with other potential tooth replacement choices. Curious about what makes them such strong contenders? We… Read more »

3 Reasons To Schedule Your Consultation

Have you been told by your general dentist that you need oral surgery to improve your oral health? Do you have our contact information in hand but you find that you keep hesitating to schedule your consultation? We understand that new experiences can make you feel a bit unsure. However, seeking the care you need… Read more »

How To Determine What Dental Implants Will Cost

When it comes to answering your questions about dental implants, a good portion of the information we offer is unique to your particular case. For instance, if you are interested in finding out how much implants will cost for your smile, the final amount may be quite different than for that of a friend who… Read more »

Why You Should Choose Implants ASAP

As you make your way through the variety of dental prosthetic options to address tooth loss, you may feel that you have all the time in the world. When it comes to choosing dental implants to replace lost teeth, however, reaping the full wealth of benefits is often dependent on time. We suggest moving forward… Read more »

Why Invest In Dental Implants?

As you have likely heard from friends and loved ones – and possibly even read about online – dental implants require a greater upfront investment than other tooth replacement solutions. While a large initial price on the treatment to address your tooth loss might cause you a bit of sticker shock, it’s very important that… Read more »

Oral Surgery Questions Part 2

Becoming familiar with what to expect from your oral surgery experience may prove somewhat complex – fortunately, we are happy to provide you with information each and every step of the way. By the time your visit arrives, you will know just what to do, what will happen before, during, and after the procedure, and… Read more »

Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon: Part One

Once you know you need restorative oral surgery, it becomes important to consult with your surgeon about the procedure. You will also need clear directions about how to care for your smile after the procedure, and moving forward, in order to maintain great oral health. Understanding any steps you may need to take prior to… Read more »