Month: March 2016

National Facial Protection Month

As we make our way into April, we prepare to make full use of the beautiful Spring weather that we love. While this is a wonderful time to become active – particularly if you experienced cabin fever during of any of winter’s occasional bleak days – it’s also an important time for caution. Did you know that… Read more »

Want Implants? Treat Bruxism First.

Are you interested in dental implants? If so, we can agree with you that choosing implants to complete your smile offers a host of exceptional benefits (many of which you cannot receive from other replacement selections, such as traditional dentures). However, as with any dental work, if you are struggling with bruxism, it is typically… Read more »

Jaw Damage Quiz

Are you feeling upset because you discovered you have suffered jaw damage? The bad news is that this can postpone your ability to receive dental implants because they require good jaw health. The great news is that we offer bone grafting to improve the health and density of your jawbone, so it may offer sufficient… Read more »

Plaque Protection: Why It’s Important

You may wonder when you’re scheduling a visit with us, your oral and maxillofacial surgeons, why you should spend any time worrying about plaque. After all, we offer advanced treatments like dental implants, extractions, and even bone grafting. Isn’t plaque the most basic concern of general dentistry? Does a cavity really have much to do… Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

As April approaches, you may have your schedule full of a variety of events and tasks to check off. We encourage you to think ahead by scheduling time to visit our practice to learn a bit more about oral cancer, what it is, and all about the screenings that help prevent it. By becoming familiar… Read more »

Extractions: 3 Reasons To Feel Confident

When patients learn they require an extraction, we often find that this suggestion over all others causes extensive worry. Rather than fixing the tooth, we will remove the tooth from your smile. This brings to mind a medley of questions, such as, “Will I be left with an open space in my smile?” Allow us… Read more »

2 Myths About Dental Implants

As you speak with friends and family members about your decision to replace missing teeth with dental implants, you will likely find that they have experienced tooth loss (either directly or indirectly). As a result, you may hear some stories that begin with something like, “Oh, yes, my uncle has implants!” You may also discover… Read more »

Dental Implants: Time-Related Questions

When you decide on dental implants as you seek out solutions to replace missing teeth, you know that this treatment requires a greater amount of time than other tooth replacement options. As a result, though you know the entire process is much lengthier, you may have some specific questions about time-related concerns along the way…. Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Exciting Benefits

When you’re doing your best to become familiar with your tooth replacement options, you might find that there are more solutions than you first imagined. As you become more interested in dental implants and their benefits, you can be sure that you will continue to uncover exciting advantages that make them more and more attractive. For… Read more »

Q&A: Why Do I Need Jaw Surgery?

Are you well aware that your jaws are not properly aligned with one another? Has your dentist or orthodontist informed you that you may need jaw surgery to improve the position of your jaws? If so, you may find yourself wondering why you cannot simply receive braces to correct the problem – or what to… Read more »