Month: July 2020

How to Tell if Your Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted

By the time wisdom tooth impaction becomes a severe problem, the symptoms related to it can be unmistakable. For example, the discomfort in your dental ridge can become severe, and you may feel a part of the wisdom tooth trying to erupt from the gum line (though unsuccessfully). However, when wisdom teeth first become impacted,… Read more »

Important Things Dental Implants Can Restore

One of the most important goals of replacing one or more lost teeth is to restore the healthy appearance of your smile. Another is to reestablish your bite’s full ability to function properly. In many cases, traditional tooth replacement options (such as bridges and dentures) can help you accomplish both of these goals with a… Read more »

Is It Actually Possible to Prevent Tooth Loss?

For some people, the fact that tooth loss is preventable can be surprising. It occurs frequently enough that many people can mistake it as something that everyone will eventually have to face. However, the truth is that most cases of tooth loss occur because of an underlying problem that could have been addressed earlier, or… Read more »

Is There a Way to Save Your Wisdom Teeth?

When any of your other teeth experience a problem, such as being damaged or forced out of alignment, there’s often a viable solution for addressing the issue and saving the tooth. However, this isn’t always the case with your third molars, or wisdom teeth. When it comes to your wisdom teeth, the most common problem… Read more »

When Waiting to Extract a Tooth Is a Bad Idea

With most oral health treatments, waiting to undergo treatment isn’t a good idea. The nature of most oral health concerns is progressive, and the longer you wait to address them, the more complicated it can become to successfully address them. When your dentist or oral health specialist recommends tooth extraction to address your concern, it… Read more »

When Correcting Your Jawbone Requires Surgery

The realm of oral surgery isn’t somewhere everyone needs to go in the course of their oral health care. Surgical treatments are typically reserved for extreme and/or complex oral health conditions that can’t be addressed with general dental care and restorative measures. When surgery with an expert is recommended, it’s typically to address a specific… Read more »

Factors that Could Contribute to You Losing Teeth

Tooth loss isn’t always as clear-cut as it seems, and many people who experience it may have been able to prevent it if they addressed their specific risk factors sooner. The problem with losing a tooth is that it won’t grow back, and replacing it can only go so far in helping you regain your… Read more »

Do You Need to Prepare for Dental Implants?

Losing teeth isn’t as big of a problem these days as it used to be in the past. Not only are more people able to avoid tooth loss thanks to more advanced dental care, but recovering from tooth loss is also much more successful. This is largely thanks to the advent of dental implants, which… Read more »

Why Are Wisdom Teeth a Problem for Many People?

Most of the concerns that your smile might face can either develop as a result of inadequate hygiene and bacterial buildup, or an underlying concern that you might not be able to prevent. The problem with wisdom teeth, or third molars, is that the concerns they can cause when they become impacted aren’t exactly preventable…. Read more »