Month: January 2017

Something’s Different But It Doesn’t Hurt: Now What?

It’s a sore? It’s a lump? What do you call this? We call it oral pathology. This is another way of describing issues like sores and any other potential disease that shows up in your mouth. The good news is that many developments are benign (which means they are harmless). You will also notice that… Read more »

How Do You Discover What’s Wrong With My Smile?

When you stand in front of your mirror and look at your smile, you may wonder how we have the ability to figure out what’s wrong with your oral health. How exactly can we tell that your jawbone is not healthy enough for implants just yet? How do we know that your wisdom teeth will… Read more »

Dry Socket: Questions And Answers

You may be ready to come in for wisdom teeth removal. You may also have some reservations because you have heard about a disorder called dry socket that can occur after an extraction. The good news is that if you are diligent with your aftercare, this is not something you need to worry about. However,… Read more »

Solutions To Your Fears About Dental Implants

Of course, just about anything you choose to do in your life comes with some minor amount of risk. While this is true for choosing dental implants, as well, you will discover that this is not something we (or any dental professional) takes lightly. Instead, we are prepared with precautions to ensure the placement and… Read more »

Complications Of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

So, you figure your wisdom teeth will grow in just fine, that it’s an old wives’ tale that they require removal, and you have decided to just let them do their thing. For some, this will be perfectly fine. Some third molars grow in without a problem (some people don’t even have them). However, if… Read more »

Dental Implants: Why Replacing Roots Is A Good Thing

Why go through the trouble to receive dental implants, you may wonder to yourself? Isn’t is just easier to choose a bridge or denture, get your chewing and speaking back near the standards you’re used to, and then stop worrying about your smile? While these are perfectly sound choices, there is a reason we strongly… Read more »

Tiny Schedule Changes For Easier Implant Daily Care

After you receive your dental implants, you will discover very quickly that your daily care routine is nearly identical to the one you practiced before the implants. However, there might be some minor changes that show up, which cause you to wonder if you could do something to make your routine easier. Perhaps you are simply… Read more »

So, What Exactly Is A Dental Crown?

You probably hear us talk about restoring dental implants with dental crowns, you might hear this term in reference to other types of treatments, and you may even already have several in your smile! While you can make some educated guesses based on helpful context clues, that doesn’t mean you have a clear image (or… Read more »

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Get In The Way

Are you someone who looks at our website quite regularly, you have a plan all laid out in your mind regarding the care journey you likely require for a healthier smile, and you love thinking about the future of your oral health? Are you also someone who appreciates the benefits of oral surgery but you… Read more »

Why Your Front Teeth Don’t Touch (And What To Do)

If you have gone through life with back teeth that touch but front teeth that cannot come in contact with one another, you may be dealing with a malocclusion known as an open bite. The severity of the opening between your top and bottom anterior teeth can vary. As a result, you may find that… Read more »