Month: November 2018

Wisdom Teeth Removal: The Gift Your Child Wasn’t Expecting!

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas and you plan out gifts for the people in your life, one thing you probably didn’t plan on giving to your child as a special present is wisdom teeth removal. However, this might actually prove to be something you should begin considering. Of course, we don’t necessarily… Read more »

Finishing Out 2018 With A Smile

You have a smile, of course! It’s the feature that lets you eat and talk and more. However, we ask: Are you going to be smiling by the end of 2018 in regard to this feature of yours or do you forecast more of a frown or grimace? If it’s the latter of these options,… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving! Could Next Year’s Be Even Better?

Of course, no matter what’s going on with your smile, Thanksgiving is always a wonderful event, right? You eat delicious food, you get to spend some relaxing quality time with the people you love being around, and it’s the big reminder that the winter holidays are in full swing! What could possibly make this day… Read more »

Begin Filling Missing Spaces Before Your 2019 Calendar Fills Up!

When you know that the very first thing you should focus on before the ball drops and we welcome in a fresh set of 365 days is your smile and dental implants (because it really needs some help), you may find that you give yourself some serious leeway. You assume you’ve got lots of time…. Read more »

Next Year: What Would You Like Your Smile To Look Like?

It’s very easy to say, “Oh, I’ll worry about that next year,” when we’re somewhere in the midst of the current calendar year. However, when the time begins running out and you realize it’s most certainly time to get going with your resolutions, you may need to do some quick reflecting. What did you mean… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Plan For Your 2019 Treatment

If you are sitting at home, shaking your head because you’d love to come in to see our Rohnert Park, CA team as soon as possible for wisdom teeth removal but you essentially have your life planned and booked from now through the final day of the year, then we can help. Whether you need… Read more »

How To Avoid The Decay That Leads To Extractions

You may wonder about tooth decay and if there’s anything you can really do to avoid it. Sure, you always hear that if you take good care of your smile, it will help keep you in the cavity-free club but if you’re not feeling so sure about what that entails or how foolproof it really… Read more »

Healing, Recovery, And Dental Implants!

We hear a lot from patients about what happens immediately after their dental implants are placed. They want to know what to expect from recovery, what type of healing is going to occur, what they need to consider in order to be prepared, and why it seems to take quite a long time (if you’re… Read more »

How To Look Forward To Oral Surgery (Instead Of The Opposite)

Every time you end up talking about your oral surgery that you have planned for the future with our Rohnert Park, CA team, do you instantly light up and feel excited? Or, do you find that you feel a bit anxious, you mention to the person you’re speaking with that you just don’t want to… Read more »

Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth: When It’s Time To Talk With Us

You know in your heart, or perhaps in the very back of your mind in recesses you try to ignore, that your child may at some point require wisdom teeth removal surgery! You may not like the idea of having to have your child receive a procedure. You might simply find that it seems like… Read more »