Month: June 2019

Implants Impact Your Appearance In More Ways Than One

One of the things that you know when you’re considering adding dental implants to your life? It’s going to help you look better. It’s a major benefit of selecting implants because, when you’re in the middle of dealing with tooth loss, your smile no longer looks like it usually does and you don’t feel like… Read more »

Meals With Dental Implants: Simple, Impressive Changes!

Good news! When you’re deciding to bring dental implants into your smile, you’re really deciding to bring them into your life, too! One major aspect of your daily existence that cannot be ignored when it comes to the presence of implants? Your dining experiences, of course! So, why not take some time with our Rohnert… Read more »

Dental Implant Basics To Refresh Your Memory!

When you’re spending time thinking about all of the possible ways you can make your smile complete again, you may find that you really dig deep when you begin researching one particular treatment. When that treatment is dental implants, there’s a seemingly endless array of information that you will likely find exceptionally interesting! While this… Read more »

Reasons (To Ditch) That You’re Avoiding Oral Surgery

For some patients, discovering that our Rohnert Park, CA practice offers the oral surgery treatment they need is a huge relief. For others, in addition to relief there’s some sense that simply requiring treatment from us is something to be upset about, embarrassed about, etc. As a result, you may feel the urge to run… Read more »

Your Smile With Implants: What’s The Future Got In Store?

The idea of right now when it comes to dental implants and your smile? It all sounds fantastic! You learn that your smile is going to look significantly improved (actually, it’s going to look complete and beautiful again). You learn that it will be in excellent condition once more, as well, and since you’ll have… Read more »

Extractions: Helping You Feel Relieved About The Details

You may not think that our Santa Rosa, CA team really understands how you’re feeling about the fact that you need to come in for a dental extraction. You may think that since we are a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we have trouble connecting with and empathizing with your experience as a patient…. Read more »

Implants: Your Perspective Versus Our Perspective

You have probably heard the phrase before, “It’s all a matter of perspective.” While you may appreciate this idea, you may find that when you’re in the midst of experiencing tooth loss and figuring out how to address it, you may feel a bit snarky with the desire to respond with something like, “Nope! I… Read more »

What’s Preventive Care Got To Do With Implants?

You probably don’t have any doubts about preventive care because, of course, you have been following through with brushing your smile, flossing your smile, and keeping up with recommended dental visits for most of your life! Or at least, that’s the goal. Now, you may wonder: Once you have dental implants in place, what’s all… Read more »

Information on Adult Tooth Loss

We know why children lose their teeth, and we consider that a happy and expected part of growing up. When an adult loses a tooth however, it is a more serious matter. In some cases, usually in young adults, there might be a planned extraction for wisdom teeth in Santa Rosa, CA, which does not… Read more »

Avoiding Complications After An Extraction

Are you worried? Is your concern geared not so much toward the fact that you need a dental extraction but you’re primarily curious and focused on what happens once you go home? Perhaps you’re concerned about dry socket, a problem that occurs when you disrupt your body’s natural scabbing process, during which a clot forms… Read more »