Month: April 2017

How to Relax During Visits

We know that for many of our patients, certain dental visits can feel more stressful than others. In some instances, just coming in for a consultation can result in heightened nervousness. Whether you end up with butterflies in your stomach for particular treatments or if dental anxiety is a consistent part of your life, we… Read more »

Cracked Tooth: Do I Need An Extraction?

The only thing worse than ending up with a cracked tooth is feeling completely uncertain about available treatments. Will a tooth with a crack in it require a dental extraction, you wonder? Is it a fixable problem? Are all fractures, cracks, and fissures alike? We understand your concern and know that experiencing dental damage can… Read more »

From Cavity To Implant: How Did It Happen?

One moment you have a cavity in your smile and your general dentist suggests that you receive a dental filling. The next, you find yourself in our chair in need of a dental extraction to be followed by a dental implant. What on earth happened, you may wonder? As far as you thought, you had… Read more »

Attention: It’s National Facial Protection Month!

When April rolls around, you might not immediately remember that it’s National Facial Protection Month. After all, there’s a lot else going on during this fourth month of the year, what with dying eggs, getting ready to indulge in chocolate bunnies, and more. Fortunately, we are here to remind you that it’s in your best… Read more »

Answering Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth

By the time you’re an adult, you will have met at least one person (if not many) who have mentioned their wisdom teeth removal experience. What you may not be so sure about, however, is why you haven’t had one of these experiences yourself (or if it’s okay that you’re procrastinating). When you’re uncertain about… Read more »

FAQs: Pregnancy And Dental Implants

When you received dental implants, you may have had a lot of questions about what to expect from the life of the implants, how to care from them, and what you needed to do to promote their success. However, one of the factors you may not have considered (or learned about in detail) may have… Read more »

Q&A: In Honor Of Oral Cancer Awareness Month

There are those things that are easy to consider and think about on a daily basis. Then, there are those oral health issues that are often easy to overlook and forget about until they begin causing a problem. When it comes to issues like oral cancer, which are often silent as they begin developing, it’s… Read more »

Green Tea And Implants Quiz: Okay Or Not Okay?

If you’re someone who is wearing dental implants, you probably know quite a lot about what it takes to keep your smile safe and healthy. However, it’s not unusual to discover a lingering question here and there. For instance, you may wonder if your green tea habit (or perhaps you refer to it as an… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Questions About Aftercare

The benefits of bone grafting are many! This is a particularly necessary treatment if you are someone planning to receive dental implants (but your jawbone isn’t ready). While the advantages are likely enough to motivate you to schedule the procedure, you may find that you’d feel even better about things if you had some details… Read more »

Extractions: Why Can’t You Save My Tooth?

When you’re not just given the green light but given a big push to visit us, your oral surgeon team, to remove your tooth, you might show up with a long list of questions. Of course, we are very accustomed to answering them, so we always encourage you to bring them up! When it comes… Read more »