Month: August 2018

Implants: Three Types Of Costs To Think About

When you’re doing anything to improve your smile and oral health, particularly when you get into specialized fields of care like oral surgery, one of the things you focus some of your energy on is cost. This can help you determine worth, perceive the value of something you’re considering, determine whether it’s a possibility (or… Read more »

Implants: Don’t Count Yourself Out Just Because…

There may be lots of reasons you have already counted yourself out when it comes to dental implants as your choice for missing teeth replacements. However, before you cement this decision, our Santa Rosa, CA team thinks you might want to reflect on some reasons you should actually still keep yourself in the running for… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Shy To Talk With Your Oral Surgeon

When you are referred to our oral surgery practice in Santa Rosa, CA you know that we offer the services that will help with your current oral health related problem. However, we know that you don’t necessarily feel completely comfortable scheduling a consultation with your oral surgeon. Some patients feel embarrassed or guilty, etc. Rather… Read more »

Dental Implants: Are The Advantages Actually Accurate?

When you think about the fact that many of the advantages you’ve heard about in connection with dental implants come from friends and family, you may start to worry a bit about their accuracy. If you focus for just one moment on the fact that trying to tell a friend to tell a friend something… Read more »

Choosing Implants: Why We Are So Serious About Prepping For Winter

When winter festivities are in full swing, one of the first things you notice is that you meant to do something about your tooth loss but that it’s already far too late to come into our practice for dental implants for the holidays. So, you tell yourself you’ll just set a new goal for next… Read more »

Oral Surgery: How You Ended Up Needing It!

Our Rohnert Park, CA team often notes that patients feel bad about requiring oral surgery. They think they’ve done something wrong, that this means something terrible is happening with their smiles, etc. While we can understand that you may view specialized care to imply that you’ve been terribly neglectful of your oral health, that’s not… Read more »

When Your Journey Begins: Simple Yet Helpful Tips From Your Oral Surgeon

When you’re just getting started with oral surgery, you may not know a whole lot about the details of your soon-to-be wonderful experience just yet. What you do know is that you’re going to need to spend some time talking with your oral surgeon to get everything discussed, prepared, and so that you can get… Read more »

3 Ways To Feel More Relaxed About Your Smile Needs

Whatever it is your smile needs, which could be anything from jaw surgery to dental implants, you may have a lot of different feelings going on. While many of them may include positive, optimistic emotions because you have access to just about everything your smile might require for improvement, you may also find yourself faced… Read more »

Crunch Addicts Beware: Tips For Protecting Your Implants

There are those individuals with a very strong sweet tooth and then those who consider themselves coffee lovers. You’ve got tea enthusiasts and those who prefer savory over sweet with their snacks. While indulging in just about anything not-so-healthy for your smile poses a certain threat, there’s one type of food indulgence that is a… Read more »

Ways You Can Absolutely Ask For Clarification From Your Oral Surgeon

There might be part of you that feels embarrassed or shy about asking for clarification from your oral surgeon. You may feel like you should have been listening closer or that, perhaps, you will just need to head home from your visit to research the details. The truth is, our Santa Rosa, CA team would… Read more »