Month: November 2016

Quiz: Don’t Let Implant Lies Tempt You!

Have you been hearing what you’re sure are probably little white lies (or some serious myths) about life with dental implants? If so, you might find yourself becoming more and more tempted to give into them without considering the potential consequences. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! However, it’s always best to bring any uncertainties… Read more »

Aging Your Smile

Have you given much thought to the way your smile affects how old you look? If not, now is a good time to begin reflecting on the way your dental care can impact your ability to retain a youthful appearance. Think about the difference between a child’s smile and an adult’s. A child’s grin is full… Read more »

Vocab 101: Maxillofacial, Orthognathic

You are probably used to hearing some basic dental vocabulary. You probably know “dental hygiene” has to do with keeping your teeth and mouth clean and healthy. You might know that a planned “tooth extraction” means removing a tooth that is causing a problem or overcrowding your mouth. (An “unplanned tooth extraction” usually means a… Read more »

Dental Sedation: What are My Options?

You might be surprised at the number of people who put off needed dental appointments out of fear. They may hope that a dental problem “just goes away.” Perhaps the thought of sitting still for a long procedure is making them fearful. Maybe they have a heard a procedure is uncomfortable. Dental sedation is meant… Read more »

Why An Extraction: New Perspectives

You might commonly find yourself going over and over the same information when you wonder why you need a dental extraction. However, you may also find yourself grappling with a way to categorize the many smaller particular details that comprise a very long list regarding why removal is best in certain situations. We offer up… Read more »

Q&A: It’s Never Too Late To Fix Your Smile

When it comes to your concept of time and associated side effects as they relate to your smile, you might feel like you’re not sure about much. Is it too late for dental implants and other dental care, you may think to yourself? Is it too late to fix your smile, you may wonder? Fortunately, there… Read more »

Helping Your Children Avoid Tooth Loss

Are you on your way toward addressing your tooth loss with dental implants? Do you feel a mix of emotions, both elation at the thought of a complete smile that will be all yours again and the urge to help others avoid losing their teeth? This commonly arises when we meet with patients who talk… Read more »

A Friendly Holiday Reminder

We are well into the month of November, which means plans for the holidays are taking shape, thoughts of cozy winter celebrations are soon to become a reality, and the last thing on your mind is probably your oral health. While we certainly appreciate some well-earned time off and revelry, we have many years of… Read more »

Implants: Your Questions About Biocompatibility

When you take the time to read up on implants, you will come across a lot of interesting scientific details. One factor that commonly comes up is the fact that dental implants are biocompatible. As you will notice by checking your context clues, this is a positive detail that’s very important in the success of implant… Read more »

Dental Implants: Common Things Patients Ask Us

Think you’re the only patient almost ready to receive your dental implants but still full of tons of questions? You’re not! We hear a lot of questions about implants at our practice, which we consider a good thing. Asking us questions means you’ve been thinking critically through the information we have provided you and that… Read more »