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3 Signs of Oral Health Trouble You Should Take Seriously

One of the biggest factors why oral health concerns are allowed to progress severely before patients address them is because they’re  unaware that there is a problem, or they underestimate the significance of certain symptoms. Fortunately, there’s opportunity in this fact; though the symptoms may seem minor and insignificant at first, they are present, and… Read more »

What Does Oral Health Have to Do with Systemic Health?

There are simple steps to keeping your smile consistently healthy, such as brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once every day, as well as visiting your general dentist routinely for preventive checkups and cleanings. In some cases, maintaining your good oral health may be more complex, and more involved treatment may be required… Read more »

A Few Proven Ways of Preserving Your Smile

The concept of preserving your smile and oral health can seem simple on the surface, but what’s needed to accomplish it depends on several unique factors. For example, if you haven’t experienced any oral health concerns yet, then preserving your smile likely means avoiding any in the future. If you do have an existing concern,… Read more »