Month: August 2020

3 Signs of Oral Health Trouble You Should Take Seriously

One of the biggest factors why oral health concerns are allowed to progress severely before patients address them is because they’re  unaware that there is a problem, or they underestimate the significance of certain symptoms. Fortunately, there’s opportunity in this fact; though the symptoms may seem minor and insignificant at first, they are present, and… Read more »

When to Seriously Consider Jawbone Grafting

Most oral health concerns can have several different extenuating consequences on your oral tissues and structures the more they’re allowed to progress. For certain issues, such as periodontal disease, this progression can and the severity of its consequences lead to more complicated problems, like the loss of one or more teeth. In the process of… Read more »

When Your Third Molars Start to Hurt

Third molars, often referred to as your wisdom teeth, are well-known for the troubles that they often cause. For many different reasons, third molars can become impacted before they have a chance to fully erupt at the ends of your dental ridges. When this occurs, the pain that the impacted molars can cause can become… Read more »

How Many Dental Implants Does Your Denture Need?

Replacing one or multiple lost teeth with a dental implant-supported restoration is often a simpler procedure than patients expect. With the help of advanced oral health technology, the treatment process is more streamlined and comfortable. Also, with more advanced dental implant planning and treatment processes, we can often create optimal support for dental restorations of… Read more »

3 Reasons the Health and Integrity of Your Jaw Matter

Your jawbone may not always be something you think of when you consider the state of your oral health. More noticeable things, like your teeth and gums, can often take center stage, especially when it comes to routine things like daily dental hygiene practices. However, the health and integrity of your jawbone structure play several… Read more »

Optimizing Your Bite’s Function with Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses a number of different procedures designed to address severe oral health complications of nearly all types. For example, when wisdom teeth (third molars) become impacted, they can require oral surgery to remove the impacted tooth structure. If a tooth is lost, then surgically implanting a lifelike replacement could be the best way… Read more »

Scheduling Bone Grafting Before Dental Implant Placement

Before a patient has their dental implant placed, they will undergo an evaluation. This review is partly intended to find the ideal placement for an implant (or multiple implants). With that said, you are also being evaluated to make sure your placement will be successful. At our Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park, CA oral surgery clinic, we… Read more »

Unhappy With Loose Dentures? Learn How Implants Can Help

While a set of dentures can bring back your complete smile after advanced tooth loss, a prosthetic that is removable can lack practical support. This can lead to frustration over time. After all, your ability to bite and chew will be reduced, and you can find that changes in your jawbone over time make your… Read more »