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3 Things To Tell Your Friends About Implants

Are you someone who has received dental implants and you’re extremely satisfied with your experience? If so, do you have a friend or loved one in need of tooth replacements and you feel very passionate about telling them to consider implants … but you’re not sure how to do this in a polite and helpful… Read more »

3 Things That Should Not Hurt (Ever)

There are some things that lead to pain that will not surprise you. If you drink something that’s extremely hot, oral pain is sure to follow. Bite into something that’s sharp and accidentally cut your gum tissue: Pain will likely come next. However, there are some details associated with your oral health and discomfort that… Read more »

New To Implants? Let Us Introduce You.

Are you someone who is brand new to considering dental implants? If so, you might have only the tiniest morsel of information, to which you’re clinging. Of course, even a little information is enough to gain the interest of someone who is looking for the best way to replace missing teeth. However, how to transition… Read more »

Bad Bedtime Habits That Threaten Implants

As always, one of your priorities is ensuring you’re keeping your dental implants safe and sound. You avoid very hard foods, you make sure you’re not asking too much of your smile, you brush twice daily, and you floss. You keep up with your preventive care visits. So, you wonder, what are you missing? Have… Read more »

Implants After Placement: What You Should Know

You might find yourself spending time daydreaming about the day you have dental implants, the process is all done, and you have a smile that’s intact, complete, and healthy again. However, when you rewind to present time and you’re thinking about placement and what happens just after it, you might not feel so certain about… Read more »

Dental Implants: Make It Snappy!

You might love thinking about having dental implants in your smile in place of missing teeth. However, when you start learning more about placement and the complete, sometimes lengthy process, you might begin wondering if it will be overwhelming. Are there options for speeding up the experience, you wonder? Does everything take a long time?… Read more »

Factors That Affect Implant Cost

In the forefront of your mind as you learn about replacing missing teeth with implants is likely something similar to the following: “How much will dental implants cost me?” You may try and try to find the details you’re seeking out online but to no avail. We urge you to recognize that each patient will… Read more »

3 Things You Shouldn’t Rush

Particularly in the busy times in which we all live, taking the time to slow down can feel extremely difficult. This is often just as true in our daily schedules as it is with our own dental care. For instance, do you feel the pressure to choose dental implants as soon as possible? Or, are… Read more »

Dental Implants: Don’t Forget The Cosmetic Benefits

It’s easy to become so caught up with the technical details of dental implants that you completely lose sight of the way they are going to make your smile look. Yes, of course, they will give you your daily functional abilities back, such as eating and speaking. They might even make your dental hygiene more… Read more »

Periodontal Problems Quiz: How To Spot Them?

Do you feel completely confident in your abilities to protect your dental implants from the effects of periodontal problems? Are you an expert at spotting the earliest signs of changes to your gum tissue? If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, then chances are good that you may need a quick refresher to… Read more »