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Implants: Do The Things You Didn’t Do For Your Teeth

What is it that you didn’t do when you had all of your natural teeth that you sometimes wish you’d followed through on? Perhaps one of the issues that led you to require dental implants is something you think you would like to “do better” with in the future. Let’s talk about a couple easy… Read more »

Dental Implants: A Couple Moments That Call For A Visit

Sometimes, you can easily determine whether you should come in to see us or not. Other times, you may find yourself swaying one way and then another. Since protecting your dental implants is very important to the longevity of your complete smile and promoting optimal oral health, it’s usually best to err on the side… Read more »

Why Switch To Dental Implants?

Do you already wear a prosthetic device for your tooth loss, such as a partial denture, dental bridge, or full denture? Perhaps you have begun considering switching to dental implants but you aren’t sure if it’s something you should follow through on or if the benefits you think you may receive are just the product… Read more »

Implants: 3 Times You Should Double Check With Us

Maybe you have some reason to believe that you cannot choose dental implants for yourself to replace the teeth that you have lost. Unfortunately, if those reasons aren’t completely accurate and true, then you may end up missing out on implants for your smile when you were actually a wonderful candidate! Since it’s always wise… Read more »

Implant Protection: Drinks With Hidden Dangers!

The last thing you probably think about when it comes to potential dental implant hazards? Beverages. While we understand that anything that’s liquid seems like it must simply pass through your mouth without much of an effect, the opposite is true. There are some drinks that can mean serious damage or frustration for you and… Read more »

Dental Implants: Challenge Or Deal Breaker?

When you know in your heart of hearts that you are ready for dental implants … but you think you may not be a good candidate for them … it’s a very good idea to talk this over with us. You may find that obstacles you assume are deal breakers may simply be challenges we… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Talks: Tooth Loss And Headaches

When you’re experiencing tooth loss, you feel that you are already dealing with enough! However, you may discover that whether or not you have replaced your missing teeth, headaches accompany this concern. Why is this happening, you wonder? What to do about it? Your oral surgeon can explain, so you better understand what’s going on… Read more »

Life With Dental Implants: 2 Times To Stay Calm

Your life with dental implants may prove to be quite an adventure. One moment, you are missing teeth in your smile. The next, you have what appears to be a smile full of real teeth but you are aware that they are prosthetics. As a result, though you will likely forget that they’re not your… Read more »

Dental Implants: Aren’t They Too Expensive?

Have you seen that some of your friends have chosen dental implants for themselves after experiencing tooth loss? Are you curious about how they afforded them and why so many people choose them over other possibilities, since you’ve always been under the impression that they are too expensive? We encourage you to think about costs… Read more »

Things To Avoid When Planning Implants

When you’re getting ready to visit us to discuss dental implants and get going as you approach a complete smile, there are some things you may feel tempted to do. However, when they’re not directly benefiting your smile (or if they could potentially cause some harm to your oral health) along the way, we think… Read more »