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Change Your Life Today: Consider Implants!

There are ways to make changes to your life in an instant that you can put into practice. For instance, if you want to know you’re protecting your smile, you get serious about brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your dentist. However, what do you do when you realize you want to completely improve your… Read more »

3 Things You Don’t Realize Implants Protect

When you consider the ways that dental implants protect you, it’s likely that you think about it in terms of your smile. How do they protect your ability to maintain your oral health, to eat the foods you enjoy, to feel as though you look like yourself, and more? However, you may not spend a… Read more »

Your Dental Implants: What To Do About Cold Feet

Yes! The time has finally come for the next step in your experience with dental implants. Maybe it’s just your initial consultation with us but you feel as though it’s been a long time coming. Perhaps your placement date is steadily approaching, which means it’s really going to happen! You’re going to wave a smile-filled… Read more »

Remember These Things Before Your Tooth Extraction

Before you receive a tooth extraction, you may go through a whole host of emotions but you may realize that none of the things passing through your mind are very good. Our Santa Rosa, CA team would love to help change that. We recognize that there can be a bit of disappointment that comes with… Read more »

A Few Things You Might Not Know: About Oral Surgery!

Yes, you have heard of oral surgery and you’ve got some sort of idea that it includes surgical procedures that help with your oral health. However, if you were to have to list off the many things we can do for you, would you say that you might find yourself at a loss for details?… Read more »

3 Easy, Early Steps To Take Toward Dental Implants

When you realize that you are just getting started with replacing your missing teeth and, now that you’re fairly certain you want dental implants, you’ll have to take action to get things going, you may feel a bit frozen. There must be a starting point that’s easy and obvious that will help you make that… Read more »

De-Cluttering Your Smile Plans: In Anticipation Of Spring

If you have been bitten by the de-cluttering bug or if you are simply recognizing that spring is on its way and you know getting a head start on spring cleaning is always to your advantage, we have a suggestion: Apply this thought process to your smile! What might this mean for you, you ask?… Read more »

Implants For Your Smile: Why Assume The Best?

When you assume the worst in regard to dental implants that you would like to choose for your smile, you do yourself a major disservice! If you’re making guesses about what our Santa Rosa, CA team can and cannot do, you may end up moving yourself away from major opportunities and improvement solutions for your… Read more »

Reminders: Tooth Loss During Your Younger Years

It’s very common to associate tooth loss with age. Most patients assume that tooth loss is something that only happens in your elder years but that it rarely affects individuals in their 20s, 30s, etc. While it is true that teeth can hold up only so long if they are not properly cared for (which… Read more »

Life With Implants: 3 Types Of Discomfort And How To React

Sometimes, your day may include oral discomfort. It’s often not something you saw coming, it can be distressing (particularly if you are a wearer of dental implants, so you feel extra concerned), and it’s often difficult to know the right way to respond to such new sensations. First, of course, our Santa Rosa, CA team… Read more »