Month: January 2018

Why Choose Anything But A Single Crown And Implant?

When you learn all about your dental implant options for taking care of your tooth loss, you may find yourself asking a single question: “Why choose anything other than a single crown and an implant?” You know that this particular arrangement will replace your full tooth with as close of a replication of the missing… Read more »

“Snacks” To Avoid With Implants

There are some “snacks” you should avoid if you’re wearing dental implants. First, we put snacks in quotes because in some instances, what you’re munching away on might not exactly be something you’re taking in for caloric value (but more on that later). Next, you may think to yourself, “But I thought I could eat… Read more »

Things To Consider About Your Wisdom Teeth

To remove your wisdom teeth or not? It’s a common question we receive and one that happens to come with a complex response. For information regarding your smile and needs, you will (of course) need to take some time to sit down with us, so we may examine your smile! As for the general “should… Read more »

Receiving Dental Implants: Health Obstacles

You might be ready to go in regard to receiving dental implants but you know that your overall health comes into play. So, how do you figure out whether you’re healthy enough or not? How does this all work together to deem you either a good or not-so-good candidate for implants? There are a couple… Read more »

Some Safety Questions: About Sedation

Do you have safety questions about dental sedation? If so, even though you love the potential benefits that it has to offer you (or your family member), it’s very possible you still feel on edge! Now, not only are you experiencing some dental anxiety but you are also very concerned about whether receiving sedation is… Read more »

What Would My Oral Surgeon Say?

Perhaps you heard what your oral surgeon told you regarding a particular treatment, office information, or otherwise but you cannot quite seem to remember. Or, maybe you haven’t seen us just yet but you would like to ask the important questions, the answers to which you won’t find anywhere else. How to access the things… Read more »

Treat Problems Rather Than Mask Them!

Have you ever heard someone mention “masking the symptoms” when it comes to an illness or oral health problem? Are you aware of the difference between making symptoms, so they temporarily go away, versus treating the source of the problem, so it permanently goes away? This can become confusing, can make it challenging to make… Read more »

How Do I Know: Which Type Of Bone Grafting Do I Need?

When you know that your jaw is not prepared for dental implants or you are simply in need of care for damage, you are likely overjoyed to learn that bone grafting can help. You also know that this is a way of repairing the damage, so you have jaw tissue that is full, strong, and… Read more »

Getting The Comfortable Help You Deserve

How do you feel about coming in to see our oral surgeon team? How do you feel about treatments that you need? Do you notice that even when you feel comfortable on an intellectual level about our team, what your smile needs, and your oral care path, you still have a serious amount of hesitation?… Read more »

Quiz: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Wisdom Teeth

You may want to pretend like your wisdom teeth do not exist so you don’t have to deal with them. Unfortunately, if what you need is wisdom teeth removal but you’re doing everything you can to avoid the situation, you may be promoting a much more complex and inconvenient experience down the line. Why pay… Read more »