Month: September 2018

Thinking About Implants? Ask Yourself 3 Things This Weekend.

We know that you might be thinking about your smile and your tooth loss and that dental implants keep coming up as a potential option. We also know that you might not have actually made any movement that would get you one step closer toward finding out about implants (so you can decide whether they’re… Read more »

Holiday Time 2018: What’s Left To Do?

Yes, there’s a lot left to do. In fact, you’re probably too busy thinking about Halloween at the moment to even dare think about the winter holidays and all of the prepping and planning that will need to be done! So, before you find yourself under piles of plans, wrapping paper, and important dates and… Read more »

There Are So Many Dental Implant Options: Help, Please!

Yes, we know: When you first learn about dental implants, the information is straightforward. You find out that an implant is a post that acts as a root replacement and it can support a restoration. Phew! Easy. Then, of course, you find out that there are so many different types of restorations and configurations and… Read more »

3 Things To Admit To Your Oral Surgeon Sooner Than Later

There are things you might not be telling your oral surgeon that you should. Details you should bring up right away, rather than waiting. Remember that keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important! What we don’t want is for you to think you don’t have anyone to speak with about your smile, your… Read more »

Our Team: Offering More Than Dental Implants!

Yes, of course, our Santa Rosa, CA team offers you the opportunity to receive dental implants. This means coming in for the placement of implants, receiving your restorations, and anything else required along the way! While you may already be well aware of this, you might not recognize that our oral surgeons offer so much… Read more »

When You Choose Implants: 3 Ways You’re “Saving”

You might hear over and over that dental implants are extremely beneficial, that they’re very cost-effective even though they seem to require a large investment, and that they can really last. As a result, you begin to cultivate an idea about them that makes it seem as though they help save you time, save you… Read more »

Examples Of How Following Our Instructions Can Make Things Easy!

You might feel like you’re all over the place when it comes to your oral surgery needs. Maybe you aren’t sure which type of tooth replacement to choose. Maybe you know just the type of care you need but you’re feeling a little uncertain about following through and how to best prepare. As a general… Read more »

Have Questions About Wisdom Teeth?

Most people recognize the term, wisdom teeth, and the fact that they’re often the source of a wide variety of dental health concerns. However, for many patients in Santa Rosa, CA, that only raises more questions. For instance, if they’re so problematic, then why do we grow them, and what makes them so problematic in… Read more »

Implants And The Timing Of Your Tooth Loss!

You might like the idea of dental implants. That doesn’t mean you assume that you are necessarily a candidate. In fact, something that seems very simply but that ends up feeling quite tricky in relation to seeing us about implants is often the timing of your tooth loss. We frequently find out that patients figured… Read more »