3 Things To Admit To Your Oral Surgeon Sooner Than Later

There are things you might not be telling your oral surgeon that you should. Details you should bring up right away, rather than waiting. Remember that keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important! What we don’t want is for you to think you don’t have anyone to speak with about your smile, your concerns, and more. Sometimes, you just need a little bit more knowledge to feel amazing and truly relaxed about providing your smile with the care that it needs for complete health. So, let our Rohnert Park, CA team give you some ideas to think through. You’ll quickly realize that if you have a question, the time to call is right now!

#1: You’re Having Trouble Cleaning Around Your Implants, Etc.

You may feel like you’re the only person who has ever asked for additional help or a review from our oral surgeon when it comes to cleaning your dental implants. However, you’re not. Ask, so you can provide excellent care!

#2: Your Plan To Keep Your Wisdom Teeth Isn’t Working Out

Perhaps you spoke with your oral surgeon about your wisdom teeth that recently grew in (or that you have had for a while). You decided that you didn’t want to proceed with wisdom teeth removal because you figured you could care for these third molars and all would be well. However, now you’re starting to notice that your plan isn’t working out so well. Maybe cleaning that very back part of your smile is becoming hard. Maybe your teeth hurt a bit. Don’t wait. Call us. Come in to talk this over with us, so we can remove the teeth before damage occurs!

#3: You’re Feeling Very Anxious

We strongly encourage you to talk with your oral surgeon sooner than later if you’re experiencing serious feelings of anxiety about any aspect of your oral surgery or your smile health. When you wait and wait, even though you may think you’re giving yourself time to feel quite Zen about everything, you are likely giving any anxiety (and uncertainty) time to build. Here’s what we suggest instead: Whether you’re seeing us for bone grafting, implants, or anything else, talk with us right away. You’re more likely to feel wonderful on the day of your procedure (and less likely to suddenly feel the need to cancel) when you’re well informed. Remember, as well, that we offer sedation, so if you’re experiencing some nerves, they will melt away.

Let Us Know When You Need Help ASAP

Contact our practice as soon as you can when you have questions or concerns, so you can receive answers and feel optimistic about your oral health care. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.