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Dental Sedation For Every Person And Need!

Your foundation for feeling A-OK about coming in to see our Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team lies partly in the fact that you know we offer dental sedation. Should you require anything from bone grafting to an extraction to the placement of a dental implant, you know there’s nothing to worry about! However, for… Read more »

Recovering Over The Holidays: What To Eat?

When you’ve planned oral surgery right before the holiday and you are perfectly okay with that … but you realize this is definitely going to impact the Christmas foods you get to enjoy … you may ask yourself: What’s going to be on the list? What are some ways that I can still have a… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Things You Don’t Want To Admit But Need To Consider

You might not want to admit many things associated with the fact that you have experienced tooth loss. Whether you are in denial or you just prefer to block things out that have caused you any level of trauma, our Santa Rosa, CA team certainly understands. However, with that said, we remind you that though… Read more »

How To Look Forward To Oral Surgery (Instead Of The Opposite)

Every time you end up talking about your oral surgery that you have planned for the future with our Rohnert Park, CA team, do you instantly light up and feel excited? Or, do you find that you feel a bit anxious, you mention to the person you’re speaking with that you just don’t want to… Read more »

Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth: When It’s Time To Talk With Us

You know in your heart, or perhaps in the very back of your mind in recesses you try to ignore, that your child may at some point require wisdom teeth removal surgery! You may not like the idea of having to have your child receive a procedure. You might simply find that it seems like… Read more »

Avoid Facial Trauma This Halloween!

Of course, as you’re getting ready for festivities, parties, trick-or-treating, costume contests, and more, the very last thing that goes through your mind is potentially falling on your face and ending up with facial trauma. Fortunately, that’s why our friendly Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team is here to offer you the quickest dose of… Read more »

Let Halloween Be Your Oral Surgery Guide!

There are many things to get excited about as Halloween approaches. You get to carve pumpkins, you get to roast the seeds and enjoy them, and did we mention all of the delightful treats? What you may not really consider is that you might want to utilize this holiday to guide yourself toward some oral… Read more »

Facial Trauma: Things Your Oral Surgeon Wants You To Know

When you learn that our Rohnert Park, CA practice offers just about everything under the sun including comprehensive care for facial trauma, you may find yourself wondering: What does this mean? Does your existing concern qualify or is it too mild (or perhaps, too severe) for treatment by our oral and maxillofacial surgeons? Fortunately, we… Read more »

3 Things To Admit To Your Oral Surgeon Sooner Than Later

There are things you might not be telling your oral surgeon that you should. Details you should bring up right away, rather than waiting. Remember that keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important! What we don’t want is for you to think you don’t have anyone to speak with about your smile, your… Read more »

Our Team: Offering More Than Dental Implants!

Yes, of course, our Santa Rosa, CA team offers you the opportunity to receive dental implants. This means coming in for the placement of implants, receiving your restorations, and anything else required along the way! While you may already be well aware of this, you might not recognize that our oral surgeons offer so much… Read more »