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What Makes Oral Surgery Similar To Your Routine Dental Care?

If you’re like many patients we see for oral surgery needs at our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, then you see routine dental care as just another part of life. It’s no biggie! However, when the topic of surgery comes up, all bets are off! There’s something about needing specialized care that… Read more »

Get To Know Us A Bit Better…Right Now!

If you have just found our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice and you’d really like to come in to see us … but you would like to know a little bit more about us first, no worries. We are happy to announce that our website is chock-full of information about nearly every… Read more »

The “Why” Factor Behind Your Oral Surgery Hesitation

One moment, you feel so relieved to find out that there’s a way to make things better for your smile. It’s called oral surgery and if you schedule it for yourself, you’re looking forward to reaching some serious oral health goals that will put a healthy grin back on your face! However, then the reality… Read more »

Oral Surgery Visits: Things You Will Definitely Gather

When you come in to see us for an oral surgery visit, you may wonder if you’re going to learn everything you need to learn and head home feeling satisfied. Part of you thinks that since this is a more advanced area of care, you may end up feeling overwhelmed or heading home without all… Read more »

Winter In July: Start Those Implants Today! 

Have you been noticing those holiday and wintertime specials going on now, in the midst of summer? Why not hop on the “winter in July” train by personalizing it in a way that makes sure your smile is ready for the holiday season? After all, what better present could you possibly select now and enjoy… Read more »

I’ve Been Referred To Your Oral Surgery Practice…Now What?

So, your dentist informs you that you require an oral surgeon and suggests you visit our Santa Rosa, CA practice. You have our name and you know you should contact us but as for the details, that’s about all you really know. This leaves you wondering: Now what? How do you follow through, what can… Read more »

Dental Implant Basics To Refresh Your Memory!

When you’re spending time thinking about all of the possible ways you can make your smile complete again, you may find that you really dig deep when you begin researching one particular treatment. When that treatment is dental implants, there’s a seemingly endless array of information that you will likely find exceptionally interesting! While this… Read more »

What’s Preventive Care Got To Do With Implants?

You probably don’t have any doubts about preventive care because, of course, you have been following through with brushing your smile, flossing your smile, and keeping up with recommended dental visits for most of your life! Or at least, that’s the goal. Now, you may wonder: Once you have dental implants in place, what’s all… Read more »

Information on Adult Tooth Loss

We know why children lose their teeth, and we consider that a happy and expected part of growing up. When an adult loses a tooth however, it is a more serious matter. In some cases, usually in young adults, there might be a planned extraction for wisdom teeth in Santa Rosa, CA, which does not… Read more »

Swimming Season: Tips From Your Oral Surgeon!

We know that one of the most amazing things about summer is how freeing it feels! You’re suddenly no longer bundling up in a chunky sweater, as you sit indoors but are instead throwing on your swimsuit, jumping into the pool, and spending lots of time outdoors! While the less inhibited sensation that comes with… Read more »