Category: Patient Education

How Do I Know: Which Type Of Bone Grafting Do I Need?

When you know that your jaw is not prepared for dental implants or you are simply in need of care for damage, you are likely overjoyed to learn that bone grafting can help. You also know that this is a way of repairing the damage, so you have jaw tissue that is full, strong, and… Read more »

Getting The Comfortable Help You Deserve

How do you feel about coming in to see our oral surgeon team? How do you feel about treatments that you need? Do you notice that even when you feel comfortable on an intellectual level about our team, what your smile needs, and your oral care path, you still have a serious amount of hesitation?… Read more »

3 Good Things To Ask Your Oral Surgeon

You might be filled to the brim with questions for your oral surgeon. However, that doesn’t mean we will hear a peep from you during your next visit (even though we would much prefer that you ask your questions). So, how to help you feel much more confident about asking all about whatever is on… Read more »

Antibiotics: 3 Things To Remember

Depending on who you see and the type of health or oral health concern you’re dealing with, you may find yourself back home having filled a prescription for antibiotics. While this type of medication can provide you with powerful and effective results, it is not without issues like side effects and even over-prescribing and over-use…. Read more »

Sedation: Making Decisions For You!

Especially if you have just begun scratching the surface of the oral and maxillofacial surgery experience, then you may feel like every single thing you’re learning is brand new! One of the details that may have recently come your way is the fact that you can expect dental sedation when you’re receiving care from our… Read more »

Holiday Travel Tips From Your Oral Surgeon

When you plan on heading out for your holiday traveling, you may want to take just a moment to gather your thoughts. In addition to all of the other details and arrangements you need to make, you will also need to remember to prepare for your oral health while you’re away. How to do that,… Read more »

Is An Oral Surgeon Only For Diseased Smiles?

You may find yourself suddenly wondering if there’s more than one type of person who may require help from an oral surgeon. Is it always the case that a patient need this specialized care due to hygiene-related problems? Is it always about functional issues? Are there other reasons oral surgery becomes necessary? Consider some ways… Read more »

Sedation: 3 Things You Should Remember

There are some things in regard to sedation for your smile that we encourage you to remember. Though the full list would be quite lengthy, we’d like to focus today on some reminders associated with your feelings of uncertainty or embarrassment as you’re learning more about anesthesia. So, let’s help you feel wonderful about discovering… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Suggests: 3 Things To Watch For At The Holiday Table

Are you ready for some simple tips from your oral surgeon that can help you avoid accidentally making some very poor choices during your holiday meal? Did you realize that even selections that seem perfectly healthy and lovely might be something that could leave you with a broken tooth, stressed jaw, damaged dental implant, or… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon’s End Of Year Tips!

When you’re enjoying your time this winter season, celebrating with friends and family and cozying up during the holidays, your oral surgeon has some tips for you to consider along the way. Though we certainly don’t expect you to make your oral health the center of your seasonal fun, we do think spending just a… Read more »