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Should I Use Anesthesia or Dental Sedation?

Anesthesia is a form of dental sedation, but it is not the only form. The choice to have or not have dental sedation can be a highly personal one. Of course, your oral surgeon will advise you, and some procedures require anesthesia or some form of sedation. But when sedation is not required, there are… Read more »

Factors in the Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a game changer in the function and attractiveness of a smile. One of the most familiar examples of a dental implant is an implant post, placed securely in the jaw, with a lifelike crown attached on top. Dental implants can also be used to hold an implant bridge (replacing one or… Read more »

Dental Implants Posts: Some Details

When you have lost a tooth, whether due to accident, disease or planned tooth extraction in Santa Rosa, CA, the prudent path is to fill the empty spot in a timely manner. For one thing, an unfilled gap can make eating a speaking a challenge. It can cause self-consciousness when you smile. Missing teeth roots… Read more »

Can I Afford Dental Implants?

Are you keeping up with innovations in oral surgery? If so, you have almost certainly heard about the benefits of dental implants in Santa Rosa, CA. A dental implant post can support a missing tooth, and two or more implant posts can support a bridge. There are also implant options that support a full denture, replacing all… Read more »

Why Your Child Might Need An Oral Surgeon

When you hear about “oral surgery” do you immediately think of an adult, referred for a tooth implant placement or implant supported dentures? While many adults benefit from services provided by caring oral surgeons in Rohnert Park, CA, the need for oral surgery can come at any age. Oral surgeons work in close contact with… Read more »

Dental Sedation: Let Us Tell You Every Last Detail!

Though you may have a lot of ideas about dental sedation, you may not have a solid idea regarding what it really means or what is involved. As a result, it might become something you think of as a huge deal, you may wonder if you’ll always need it, and you’ll probably start to notice… Read more »

Are You A Visual Learner? Tell Your Oral Surgeon.

If you find that after a brief or long, detailed or vague conversation regarding your smile care, you still end up walking away with just a little information stored in your brain because you’re a much more visual learner, this is something to tell your oral surgeon. Why do we suggest this, you wonder? Aren’t… Read more »

What Else Do Your Kids Need These Summer Months?

We will be offering you lots of reminders this summer in regard to your kids and their oral health needs. Maybe your child needs wisdom teeth removal! Summer, of course, is a wonderful time to schedule it. If you keep up with us, then you’ve likely already heard this! However, we would very much like… Read more »

Hints From Your Oral Surgeon

If you haven’t been the recipient of oral surgery before, then entering this new area of care of your oral tissues may be something of a surprising journey for you! Some may feel excited and ready to go, while others feel a bit more standoffish and curious about what to expect. This is completely normal…. Read more »

Our Oral Surgery Practice: Avoiding Waste

If part of your qualifications as you seek out an oral surgery practice for yourself is that you prefer one that leans toward a green, sustainable, convenient philosophy, then you will be happy when you meet us. We encourage you to take into consideration some of the ways we practice smile care that provide you… Read more »