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Oral Surgery Spotlight: Bone Grafting

You may be wondering why an oral surgeon would have a need to perform a bone graft. A bone grafts is an oral surgery procedure, used to augment areas of the upper and lower jaw, when needed to give adequate material to anchor one or more dental implants. While many patients retain sufficient jaw mass… Read more »

Ways You May Be Putting Your Smile In Danger

Routine dental care at home is an excellent first step to maintaining a happy smile for life, but understanding what to stay away from is crucial as well. In fact, it is important to learn about the conditions that can increase your chances for tooth loss in order to best serve your grin, and the… Read more »

Calming Answers to Oral Surgery Sedation Questions

  There are many factors to consider when you find you or a loved one will be needing oral surgery. Whether you are the patient, or when you have a child in need of wisdom tooth extraction, or an older parent in need of implant dentures, the experienced oral surgeons in Rohnert Park, CA are… Read more »

Not Home For The Holidays? Consider Smile Suggestions! 

When you’re not planning on being home for the holidays but you are, instead, heading out on an adventure that brings you to far off lands, to a relative’s home, etc., it’s important to keep something in mind: When oral surgery is also on your agenda for this merry season, you may wish to take… Read more »

Smile Changes: How Do I Know If A Visit Is Necessary?

When you notice a change with any aspect of your smile, one of your first thoughts might be that coming in to see our Santa Rosa, CA would be a good idea. However, it’s quite possible that if you are like many of our patients, this immediate certainty is followed by a vague sense that… Read more »

Thanksgiving Favorites: Surprisingly Tough On Teeth 

Of course, there are those delightful dishes that show up on Thanksgiving that you can indulge in without a care in the world in terms of how they might impact your smile and your dental implants! Then, there are those other items: The ones that you really want to devour the moment you lay eyes… Read more »

Oral Surgery: What About Before And After?

You may have recently found out that in order to get your smile back to the good health you prefer to maintain, your general dentist has suggested you come in to meet with our very friendly team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Santa Rosa, CA! As a result, you have to leave your usual… Read more »

Implant Protection Time: What’s In Your Bathroom?

When you don’t have what you need within reach, when you need it, you may find that you have a harder time caring for your smile. Since you’d really prefer to keep your dental implants (and your entire smile, of course) in the absolute best condition possible, our Santa Rosa, CA team steps in to… Read more »

How Implants Help When You’re Super Tired 

Dental implants offer many benefits with which you have probably become recently very familiar, if you’re figuring out what to do next about your missing tooth or teeth. You know that they replace roots, that they can last forever, and that there are different ways to utilize them in order to arrive at one beautifully… Read more »

How To Convince Yourself To Schedule An Oral Surgery Consultation 

In your heart of hearts, you are well aware that what you need is oral surgery. You even know from your dentist or from simply hearing about us that our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice is here, waiting for your call! However, you’re missing that final push, that convincing bit of motivation… Read more »