Month: October 2017

Your Annual Wisdom Teeth Reminder!

If your wisdom teeth are giving you problems in any way, even if you find that it’s just very difficult to keep them clean (which means problems like cavities are on the horizon), then it is to your benefit to choose wisdom teeth removal. However, if you are like many of our patients, your initial… Read more »

How To Decide You Really Want Implants

There are so many choices to make in one lifetime. When it comes to deciding to replace your missing teeth after you have lost them, you are up against working with the prosthetic dentistry options available to you. On on hand, this seems easy! There are several solutions but they are not too vast for… Read more »

Dental Implants: Weird Sensations And What To Do

We know from years of seeing patients with dental implants that you might not know how to explain new sensations you’re experiencing with your implant. As a result, you might not really know what to do when they occur either. Should you just give it a bit of time? Should you call us? Fortunately, making… Read more »

Have Implants? Remember This Flossing Tip.

If your smile is one that contains dental implants, then you might feel at high alert when it comes to keeping your smile clean. The last thing you want is for some trapped food or missed bacteria to lead to inflamed gums that can negatively impact the success and long life of your implant. However,… Read more »

Moving On From Tooth Loss: Helpful Vs. Unhelpful

We know that no matter the reason you’re missing teeth and regardless of your age, it’s easy to feel very shaken by tooth loss. The good news is that there’s a way to move forward and move on (such as by considering dental implants), so you’re feeling wonderful again. Take a moment to consider helpful… Read more »

Balance Problems? Let Us Check Your Restorations!

Are you a patient who wears dental implants? If you’ve been experiencing some amount of discomfort and you keep thinking that your teeth just don’t feel the way they used to, then it might be time to come in and talk with us about your restorations. If you’ve been wearing the same ones for many… Read more »

A Quick Quiz To Review Your Implant Knowledge

When you’re making your entrance into the universe that encompasses dental implants for tooth replacement, you find that there’s a lot to be learned. When you gather up a general understanding of the basic details right away, you set the stage for a very easy process of comprehending the particulars that may come your way…. Read more »