Month: November 2020

How Replacing Lost Teeth Saves Your Smile

Oftentimes, losing a tooth can be prevented with staying on top of routine dental visits and maintaining excellent oral health habits at home. It is important to know, however, that there are also a variety of factors that contribute to tooth loss, such as decay due to poor hygiene or preventive measures, dislodged or broken… Read more »

Ways You May Be Putting Your Smile In Danger

Routine dental care at home is an excellent first step to maintaining a happy smile for life, but understanding what to stay away from is crucial as well. In fact, it is important to learn about the conditions that can increase your chances for tooth loss in order to best serve your grin, and the… Read more »

The Complicated Impacts of Losing Natural Teeth

Some of the biggest problems that result from tooth loss aren’t things that you notice right away. For example, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost and how visible they were on your dental ridge, the most obvious problem may be your smile’s appearance. However, over time, the loss of your natural tooth structure, including… Read more »

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Impacted?

For many people who develop wisdom teeth, or third molars, their development often comes with problems. Due to a lack of space at the ends of the dental ridges where they try to erupt, wisdom teeth can often become impacted before they have a chance to fully emerge from the gum line. While wisdom tooth… Read more »

Should Jawbone Grafting Be Part of Your Treatment?

Most oral surgeries are designed to address a specific type of problem, and jawbone grafting is no exception. However, the specific reasons why you might need jawbone grafting, and whether the treatment might actually benefit your oral health, can depend on several unique factors of your oral health. Today, examine what jawbone grafting is designed… Read more »

Things that Might Lead to Tooth Extraction

There are several different conditions that can raise your risks of losing one or more teeth. When they get severe enough, it can sometimes be a better idea to extract the tooth than to wait for it to be lost on its own. While tooth extraction isn’t a commonly recommended treatment option, it may be… Read more »

What Could Make Tooth Loss More Likely?

Some people believe that tooth loss is an inevitable part of aging, no matter how well they care for their smiles in the meantime. However, the truth is that adult teeth were meant to be permanent, and tooth loss typically occurs as the result of another underlying oral health concern that has grown severe. The… Read more »

When Wisdom Teeth Start to Be a Problem

Most common oral health problems are things that can often be prevented with the right level of preventive dental care. For instance, conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease can often be avoided with good dental hygiene and regular preventive dental visits. That’s because they develop as a result of excessive oral bacteria buildup,… Read more »