Month: March 2018

Dental Sedation: Stuff You Keep Hearing

You keep hearing things from friends and family members about dental sedation. Some of it, you’re not so sure about. Since you’re planning on receiving sedation for your upcoming visit with us, you’d really like to get to the bottom of all of this “stuff.” Remember that we always advise you to check in with… Read more »

Reasons Children May Require Extractions

If you take a look at our testimonials page, you will see that it’s not only adults who come in to our practice to receive tooth extractions. It’s children, too! If your eyes are widening and you’re wondering why on earth a child may require the removal of a tooth (but you’re also curious, since… Read more »

Implants: Reviewing The Intro Details

Whether you’re an absolute newbie to the world of learning about dental implants or if you’re someone who has considered them in the past, reviewing the building blocks of what makes them a possibly wonderful option for you is always worthwhile. Let’s start at the beginning, going over some powerful benefits and details that will… Read more »

Implants: Why Your General Dental Care Still Matters

When you make dental implants part of your smile, you may think that your general dental care doesn’t really matter anymore. This is something that comes up frequently with patients who have all of their natural teeth replaced. Now, whether you have one implant, a mouthful, or somewhere in between, you must remember that your… Read more »

Implants: Do The Things You Didn’t Do For Your Teeth

What is it that you didn’t do when you had all of your natural teeth that you sometimes wish you’d followed through on? Perhaps one of the issues that led you to require dental implants is something you think you would like to “do better” with in the future. Let’s talk about a couple easy… Read more »

Talk To Your Oral Surgeon About…

There are a lot of things that you can talk with your oral surgeon about. As you have gathered, we are here to help you, so your smile is safe, so it’s healthy, so it’s functional, and so you have the best possible experience with your oral health. However, when you’re starting out with treating… Read more »

Orthodontics: Why You’re Seeing Our Team!

You may have visited your orthodontist to learn more about how to straighten your smile or, perhaps, to align your child’s smile. Rather than receiving braces or another type of orthodontic system, you may have first been referred to our practice. As a result, you wonder to yourself: How did you leave your home in… Read more »

Dental Implants: A Couple Moments That Call For A Visit

Sometimes, you can easily determine whether you should come in to see us or not. Other times, you may find yourself swaying one way and then another. Since protecting your dental implants is very important to the longevity of your complete smile and promoting optimal oral health, it’s usually best to err on the side… Read more »

Why Switch To Dental Implants?

Do you already wear a prosthetic device for your tooth loss, such as a partial denture, dental bridge, or full denture? Perhaps you have begun considering switching to dental implants but you aren’t sure if it’s something you should follow through on or if the benefits you think you may receive are just the product… Read more »

Implants: 3 Times You Should Double Check With Us

Maybe you have some reason to believe that you cannot choose dental implants for yourself to replace the teeth that you have lost. Unfortunately, if those reasons aren’t completely accurate and true, then you may end up missing out on implants for your smile when you were actually a wonderful candidate! Since it’s always wise… Read more »