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Orthodontics: Why You’re Seeing Our Team!

You may have visited your orthodontist to learn more about how to straighten your smile or, perhaps, to align your child’s smile. Rather than receiving braces or another type of orthodontic system, you may have first been referred to our practice. As a result, you wonder to yourself: How did you leave your home in… Read more »

Things To Consider About Your Wisdom Teeth

To remove your wisdom teeth or not? It’s a common question we receive and one that happens to come with a complex response. For information regarding your smile and needs, you will (of course) need to take some time to sit down with us, so we may examine your smile! As for the general “should… Read more »

Quiz: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Wisdom Teeth

You may want to pretend like your wisdom teeth do not exist so you don’t have to deal with them. Unfortunately, if what you need is wisdom teeth removal but you’re doing everything you can to avoid the situation, you may be promoting a much more complex and inconvenient experience down the line. Why pay… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Not Worth Any Guilty Feelings!

You might think that requiring a tooth extraction is a bad thing. You may even feel guilty about the removal of your tooth, even if you’re not sure why. The truth is, you may see the removal of a tooth as a failure to protect that tooth. While we can certainly understand if you’d like… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Your Replacement Questions

When you come to us for any type of procedure, there are a lot of unknowns that come with new territory. Naturally, that brings you to us frequently brimming with questions about what’s going to happen and how things will unfold. We expect this every time! We also know that you may be sitting at… Read more »

Your Annual Wisdom Teeth Reminder!

If your wisdom teeth are giving you problems in any way, even if you find that it’s just very difficult to keep them clean (which means problems like cavities are on the horizon), then it is to your benefit to choose wisdom teeth removal. However, if you are like many of our patients, your initial… Read more »

Extractions: More Common Than You Might Think

You may feel like one of very few people who has received a suggestion for a general extraction. We know this because when we recommend tooth removal to our patients, we are often met with a look of shock! While we can certainly empathize with your initial reaction, we do like to offer up some… Read more »

Cracked Tooth: Do I Need An Extraction?

The only thing worse than ending up with a cracked tooth is feeling completely uncertain about available treatments. Will a tooth with a crack in it require a dental extraction, you wonder? Is it a fixable problem? Are all fractures, cracks, and fissures alike? We understand your concern and know that experiencing dental damage can… Read more »

Extractions: Why Can’t You Save My Tooth?

When you’re not just given the green light but given a big push to visit us, your oral surgeon team, to remove your tooth, you might show up with a long list of questions. Of course, we are very accustomed to answering them, so we always encourage you to bring them up! When it comes… Read more »

Are Extractions Avoidable?

You may assume that when you need a dental extraction, there’s nothing you could have done differently to avoid it. To the contrary, you will be happy to hear that in many instances, you can make choices that will allow you to rescue and keep your tooth. Of course, there are accidents, unforeseen changes, and… Read more »