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Extractions: More Common Than You Might Think

You may feel like one of very few people who has received a suggestion for a general extraction. We know this because when we recommend tooth removal to our patients, we are often met with a look of shock! While we can certainly empathize with your initial reaction, we do like to offer up some… Read more »

Cracked Tooth: Do I Need An Extraction?

The only thing worse than ending up with a cracked tooth is feeling completely uncertain about available treatments. Will a tooth with a crack in it require a dental extraction, you wonder? Is it a fixable problem? Are all fractures, cracks, and fissures alike? We understand your concern and know that experiencing dental damage can… Read more »

Extractions: Why Can’t You Save My Tooth?

When you’re not just given the green light but given a big push to visit us, your oral surgeon team, to remove your tooth, you might show up with a long list of questions. Of course, we are very accustomed to answering them, so we always encourage you to bring them up! When it comes… Read more »

Are Extractions Avoidable?

You may assume that when you need a dental extraction, there’s nothing you could have done differently to avoid it. To the contrary, you will be happy to hear that in many instances, you can make choices that will allow you to rescue and keep your tooth. Of course, there are accidents, unforeseen changes, and… Read more »

Set Your Schedule: Spring Today, Summer Tomorrow

The moment spring shows its lovely face, you smile for a moment and then a sudden realization hits you: Summer is not quite as far off as it seems. Sure, there are wedding invitations and barbecue invites in your inbox that have been piling up. However, with not much more than a couple blinks of… Read more »

General Extractions: Let Our Patients Talk To You!

When the day arrives in your life that includes a need for a general extraction, you may experience any of a mix of emotions. You might feel relieved, happy, worried, scared, excited, uncertain, and more! The main thing we want you to keep in mind is that scheduling the removal of your tooth is the… Read more »

Why A Broken Tooth Isn’t Stress-Worthy

To you, a broken tooth might feel like the end of the world. To us, it’s a problem that has a clear solution. The good news is that you don’t need to get to the point where you feel extremely stressed about your damaged tooth. What you do need to do? Come in to see… Read more »

Dry Socket: Questions And Answers

You may be ready to come in for wisdom teeth removal. You may also have some reservations because you have heard about a disorder called dry socket that can occur after an extraction. The good news is that if you are diligent with your aftercare, this is not something you need to worry about. However,… Read more »

Why is Surgical Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When you think of tooth extraction, you might imagine your dentist gently grasping a tooth and carefully loosening and removing it. However, some tooth extraction procedures aren’t as simple, depending on the nature and severity of the tooth’s damage or infection. In some cases, surgical tooth extraction may be necessary to safely remove the tooth,… Read more »

Why An Extraction: New Perspectives

You might commonly find yourself going over and over the same information when you wonder why you need a dental extraction. However, you may also find yourself grappling with a way to categorize the many smaller particular details that comprise a very long list regarding why removal is best in certain situations. We offer up… Read more »