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Extractions: Helping You Feel Relieved About The Details

You may not think that our Santa Rosa, CA team really understands how you’re feeling about the fact that you need to come in for a dental extraction. You may think that since we are a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we have trouble connecting with and empathizing with your experience as a patient…. Read more »

Avoiding Complications After An Extraction

Are you worried? Is your concern geared not so much toward the fact that you need a dental extraction but you’re primarily curious and focused on what happens once you go home? Perhaps you’re concerned about dry socket, a problem that occurs when you disrupt your body’s natural scabbing process, during which a clot forms… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Beliefs You Can Let Go

Guess what? Some of those recent or even long-held beliefs that you have about tooth loss might not be accurate! When was the last time you checked in with an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, such as the one we practice from in Rohnert Park, CA? If you just shrugged your shoulders because you’ve never… Read more »

What If I Don’t Get The Extraction I Need?

Sometimes in life, when there’s something you really don’t want to do, you consider the associated benefits and then the potential consequences. Even when there are some negative consequences, you may find that you take the gamble and skip out on that particular “thing” that would serve you well because you feel afraid! Though this… Read more »

Need a Tooth Extracted? Here’s Why

Not every reason for tooth extraction is preventable, and when it is, the condition often progresses well before the person realizes that they’re tooth is in such trouble. However, once tooth extraction does become necessary, there are few or no options left for protecting the rest of your smile. At our Santa Rosa, CA, oral… Read more »

Why You Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth

Perhaps you have been wondering why you still have your wisdom teeth. Why didn’t anyone ever tell you to have them taken out? Why didn’t you ever agree to have them taken out? Or, why didn’t your parents have them removed when you were a teenager like many of your friends? This is one of… Read more »

Remember These Things Before Your Tooth Extraction

Before you receive a tooth extraction, you may go through a whole host of emotions but you may realize that none of the things passing through your mind are very good. Our Santa Rosa, CA team would love to help change that. We recognize that there can be a bit of disappointment that comes with… Read more »

A Few Things You Might Not Know: About Oral Surgery!

Yes, you have heard of oral surgery and you’ve got some sort of idea that it includes surgical procedures that help with your oral health. However, if you were to have to list off the many things we can do for you, would you say that you might find yourself at a loss for details?… Read more »

Parent Alert: Wisdom Teeth Removal Opportunities Are Near!

Hey, there, parents! In case you didn’t notice, we have now entered February, which may make you feel like there’s plenty of time before your kids have any time off from school. From our perspective, however, all that we see is that there are some student breaks coming up, which means it’s time to schedule… Read more »

Scheduling Your Tooth Extraction: 3 Extraordinary Advantages

While the obvious approach to taking care of your need for a tooth extraction is to call us to schedule it, you may be doing anything but following through with this task! Understandably, you may have some other things you’d rather be scheduling for yourself. However, our Santa Rosa, CA team thinks you may feel… Read more »