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The Longer You Wait to Extract a Tooth

There are several reasons why you might need to extract a tooth, so the specific dangers of waiting too long aren’t always the same for everyone. What’s common about tooth extraction, however, is that it isn’t recommended unless absolutely necessary. Since the need for it is often the result of an extreme dental health concern,… Read more »

Planning Prosthetic Dental Work After Your Extraction

There are circumstances where the best decision for a person’s overall oral health involves the extraction of their tooth. While you can be aware of the benefits to this extraction, the idea of showing off an incomplete smile may make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, our California oral surgery practice is prepared to take on an extraction… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between General and Surgical Extraction?

Tooth extraction seems like a straightforward process, and in many ways it is. If a tooth is in a position that poses a threat to the rest of your oral health, or is too severely compromised to restore and save, then extracting it may be necessary. However, the specific method of extracting a tooth can… Read more »

3 Times When Surgical Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Extracting a tooth is usually an option that’s only recommended when a tooth can’t be saved. In many cases, the procedure is a simple one that involves gently loosening a tooth within its socket and then removing it carefully. However, in some cases, successfully removing a troublesome tooth isn’t so simple. At our Santa Rosa,… Read more »

Extractions: Teeth You Do And Do Not Need! 

One of the most common concerns that patients express to our Rohnert Park, CA team when we suggest a dental extraction? They worry about whether or not the tooth that is being removed is a tooth that is necessary. Will the tooth need to be replaced? Or, can it go and be forgotten with no… Read more »

Extractions: An End Point Or A Fresh Start?

Depending on your perspective, a dental extraction can seem like the end of something (as you say goodbye to your tooth) or the very beginning of something (as you plan on rebuilding your smile with dental implants). So, which is it, you wonder? Should you feel bad about losing your tooth or good about removing… Read more »

I Still Have My Wisdom Teeth! Now What?

If you still have your wisdom teeth, whether you’re a young adult or well into adulthood, you may feel as though you must have missed the boat. You look around you and see that many individuals have their third molars removed the moment these teeth arrive, so you’re not sure if you should be doing something… Read more »

Back To School: What’s On Your Oral Surgery List?

Are you getting your stuff together to head back to school? Perhaps you’re a student or a teacher! How about your children? Are they about to get ready for an exciting, brand new year in the classroom? In whatever way back to school time is impacting your life, our Santa Rosa, CA team of oral… Read more »

Why Seemingly Healthy Teeth Break 

Here you are, heading to our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. One day, your smile was complete and all teeth seemingly in amazing health! The next? You end up breaking teeth and requiring extractions and dental implants to replace them. You may find that you have no idea how this could have… Read more »

Damaged And Undamaged Teeth: Frequent Extraction Questions! 

When you have a damaged tooth, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? Then, when you have an undamaged tooth that appears to be causing some serious problems for your oral health, again, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? When you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of dental extractions… Read more »