Month: July 2018

Back To School: Grownup Edition

Are you a college student, ready to head back to the classroom for a brand new year but you know you require some help for your smile first? Perhaps you have college-age children who are getting ready to begin a bright, shiny, new semester and you have questions regarding what to do about certain aspects… Read more »

Fixed Implant Dentures: What’s It Mean For You?

Discussing implants, restorations, and more is something you do because you’re missing teeth and what you want most for yourself is to get back to a smile that you don’t have to think about and worry about throughout your daily life. You want a smile that lets you do all of the things you do… Read more »

Want A Complete Smile By The Holidays?

It’s very easy to get swept up in the problems you’re facing now as you struggle with your smile as tooth loss affects your daily life. It’s also very easy to think to yourself that you absolutely want to pursue dental implants from our Rohnert Park, CA practice but you forget it takes time. So,… Read more »

3 Things That Can’t Happen To Your Implant Post

You might hear a lot of stuff about considering dental implant posts if you’ve lost teeth and are ready to completely start fresh with a full replacement (in the form of an implant and restoration). Some of the stuff you hear is fantastic and makes you feel like you’re ready to run to our Rohnert… Read more »

The Smoking Debate: What’s The Final Word?

You’ve probably heard that you might be able to continue smoking if you want to choose dental implants after you’ve experienced tooth loss. However, you also hear that when you smoke, it greatly increases the chance that you end up losing those implants that you want (or that the placement fails). So, what’s what? Can… Read more »

Implant Wearers, Too: Avoid That Charcoal Toothpaste Trend!

Maybe you have dental implants and crowns (or larger prosthetics) and you’ve been thinking that you’d like to brighten up your smile. You know that traditional teeth whitening generally doesn’t work on prosthetics like your dental crowns but then … you hear about activated charcoal toothpaste! Perhaps all you need is to use something like… Read more »

But What Would My Oral Surgeon Say?

One of the benefits of coming in to see an oral surgeon is that you’re sitting down with a team of individuals who have advanced knowledge, education, and training when it comes to the stuff you might need beyond what your general dentist provides (possibly well beyond). One of those things we like to remind… Read more »

Implants: Good Reasons To Keep Fingers Out Of Your Mouth

Usually, when the topic is dental implants, we’re talking about some specific benefits, candidacy, care, or even costs. What you may not hear a lot about, however, is the type of thing you hear from a parent when you’re a little kid. It goes a little something like this: “Keep your fingers out of your… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Packed Summer? No Problem!

Of course, we love reminding you that summer is such an easy, lovely time to set up wisdom teeth removal for your kiddos if they are in need of third molar removal! However, that doesn’t mean you need to feel stressed if your summer is already packed and you don’t seem to have a moment… Read more »

Should I Use Anesthesia or Dental Sedation?

Anesthesia is a form of dental sedation, but it is not the only form. The choice to have or not have dental sedation can be a highly personal one. Of course, your oral surgeon will advise you, and some procedures require anesthesia or some form of sedation. But when sedation is not required, there are… Read more »