Month: January 2020

Will You Need Oral Surgery for That?

When you fail to keep up with general dental care, you can expose your oral health to common issues like a tooth decaying or your gums becoming diseased. Most common issues can also be addressed by your general dentist during your next checkup or other subsequent visit, even if it reaches a severe stage. However,… Read more »

Things that Get Worse After Tooth Loss

To some people, tooth loss seems like a cosmetic issue. The biggest impact it has on their lives might be their smile’s appearance, at least at first, which is why that’s often the biggest motivating reason to seek treatment to replace their lost teeth. However, tooth loss is a big deal for nearly every aspect… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need to Replace Extracted Wisdom Teeth

For most cases that involve the need for tooth loss, removing the tooth is required because no other solution will suffice. With the goal of fully restoring your smile, however, many tooth extraction procedures are followed as soon as possible by replacing the extracted tooth. Doing so helps you avoid the potential consequences of tooth… Read more »

A Few Concerns You Can Treat, but Not Control

When it comes to safeguarding your smile and oral health, it can seem like the control is the name of the game. In many ways, it is. Preventing common concerns like tooth decay or gum disease means taking control of your hygiene and preventing the excess buildup of oral bacteria. However, not all oral health… Read more »

How Can Oral Surgery Improve Bite Function?

There are several instances that, if your oral health is ever faced with, can require more than routine dental care to address. Some of these involve the long-term health of your teeth and oral tissues, while others may have a bigger impact on your bite’s ability to function properly. In addition to preserving your teeth… Read more »

A Few Things to Know About Qualifying for Dental Implants

Rebuilding your smile with dental implants is one of the best things you can do after experiencing tooth loss. With their ability to replace your lost teeth roots and offer optimal support for your restoration, dental implants work to preserve the health and integrity of your smile and facial structures, as well as replace your… Read more »

The Longer You Wait to Extract a Tooth

There are several reasons why you might need to extract a tooth, so the specific dangers of waiting too long aren’t always the same for everyone. What’s common about tooth extraction, however, is that it isn’t recommended unless absolutely necessary. Since the need for it is often the result of an extreme dental health concern,… Read more »

Things Everyone Should Know About Tooth Loss

Nearly everyone knows that it’s possible to lose one or more teeth as adults. In fact, many people expect it to happen to them at some point in their futures, if it hasn’t already. However, the impression that tooth loss is always inevitable, or that there’s nothing you can do to prevent it and its… Read more »

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt? And Other Important Questions

Most people recognize wisdom teeth for one thing above all else – the trouble they often cause. In fact, wisdom teeth are among the most frequently types of extracted teeth due to the numerous ways in which they can threaten your oral health. At our Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgery office, we understand well the… Read more »