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But What Would My Oral Surgeon Say?

One of the benefits of coming in to see an oral surgeon is that you’re sitting down with a team of individuals who have advanced knowledge, education, and training when it comes to the stuff you might need beyond what your general dentist provides (possibly well beyond). One of those things we like to remind… Read more »

Why Your Child Might Need An Oral Surgeon

When you hear about “oral surgery” do you immediately think of an adult, referred for a tooth implant placement or implant supported dentures? While many adults benefit from services provided by caring oral surgeons in Rohnert Park, CA, the need for oral surgery can come at any age. Oral surgeons work in close contact with… Read more »

Are You A Visual Learner? Tell Your Oral Surgeon.

If you find that after a brief or long, detailed or vague conversation regarding your smile care, you still end up walking away with just a little information stored in your brain because you’re a much more visual learner, this is something to tell your oral surgeon. Why do we suggest this, you wonder? Aren’t… Read more »

Hints From Your Oral Surgeon

If you haven’t been the recipient of oral surgery before, then entering this new area of care of your oral tissues may be something of a surprising journey for you! Some may feel excited and ready to go, while others feel a bit more standoffish and curious about what to expect. This is completely normal…. Read more »

Our Oral Surgery Practice: Avoiding Waste

If part of your qualifications as you seek out an oral surgery practice for yourself is that you prefer one that leans toward a green, sustainable, convenient philosophy, then you will be happy when you meet us. We encourage you to take into consideration some of the ways we practice smile care that provide you… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Orthognathic Surgery?

As the foundation of your smile, your jaw plays a vital role in many different aspects of your oral health and bite function. When your jaw is asymmetrical or doesn’t align properly on both of its joints, your oral health expert might recommend jaw surgery (or orthognathic surgery) to correct it. Orthognathic surgery is the… Read more »

Oral Surgery: When You Don’t Like Needles

We know that when you discover you need oral surgery for your smile but you’re someone who does not like or has a phobia of needles, you may think your ability to receive the care you need is going to be out of the question. Certainly there will be some type of injection or other… Read more »

What To Expect Right After Oral Surgery

You may have some idea about how long you’ll need to rest after your oral surgery, the types of things you’ll have to change over the next few days (like your eating habits), and more. However, what about right when your treatment is over and you’re about to head home? Do you know what to… Read more »

It’s April…And It’s Time To Protect Your Face!

Unless you happen to be quite keyed into the world of oral surgery, you may not remember that April is a very special month to be recognized amongst oral and maxillofacial surgeons: It’s National Facial Protection Month! In short, this means that we spend some extra time highlighting the fact that serious injuries can affect… Read more »

Your Smile After Oral Surgery: 2 Things Not To Assume

After you see us for the oral surgery your smile needs, you may go home, feel overjoyed by your improved oral health, and then one of two things may happen: First, you may continue treating your smile as you always have, remembering that consistent, mindful care is always necessary. Or, you may think that your… Read more »