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Talk To Your Oral Surgeon About…

There are a lot of things that you can talk with your oral surgeon about. As you have gathered, we are here to help you, so your smile is safe, so it’s healthy, so it’s functional, and so you have the best possible experience with your oral health. However, when you’re starting out with treating… Read more »

Orthodontics: Why You’re Seeing Our Team!

You may have visited your orthodontist to learn more about how to straighten your smile or, perhaps, to align your child’s smile. Rather than receiving braces or another type of orthodontic system, you may have first been referred to our practice. As a result, you wonder to yourself: How did you leave your home in… Read more »

Implants: 3 Times You Should Double Check With Us

Maybe you have some reason to believe that you cannot choose dental implants for yourself to replace the teeth that you have lost. Unfortunately, if those reasons aren’t completely accurate and true, then you may end up missing out on implants for your smile when you were actually a wonderful candidate! Since it’s always wise… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Find Out What You Need In 3 Easy Steps

When you’re thinking that you may require oral surgery for yourself in order to achieve a healthier smile, a complete smile, etc., there are a lot of stumbling blocks that may initially come your way. Namely, you might find that you start to consider a lot of thoughts, such as whether you really require surgery,… Read more »

Beneficial Questions You Would Like Answered About Oral Surgery

When you spend time thinking about coming in to see your oral surgeon to care for your smile, there are oh so many details that might pop into your mind. You may wonder suddenly why you’re seeing us and not your general dentist. You may wonder what this type of surgeon actually does and what… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Talks: Tooth Loss And Headaches

When you’re experiencing tooth loss, you feel that you are already dealing with enough! However, you may discover that whether or not you have replaced your missing teeth, headaches accompany this concern. Why is this happening, you wonder? What to do about it? Your oral surgeon can explain, so you better understand what’s going on… Read more »

What Would My Oral Surgeon Say?

Perhaps you heard what your oral surgeon told you regarding a particular treatment, office information, or otherwise but you cannot quite seem to remember. Or, maybe you haven’t seen us just yet but you would like to ask the important questions, the answers to which you won’t find anywhere else. How to access the things… Read more »

How Do I Know: Which Type Of Bone Grafting Do I Need?

When you know that your jaw is not prepared for dental implants or you are simply in need of care for damage, you are likely overjoyed to learn that bone grafting can help. You also know that this is a way of repairing the damage, so you have jaw tissue that is full, strong, and… Read more »

3 Good Things To Ask Your Oral Surgeon

You might be filled to the brim with questions for your oral surgeon. However, that doesn’t mean we will hear a peep from you during your next visit (even though we would much prefer that you ask your questions). So, how to help you feel much more confident about asking all about whatever is on… Read more »

Happy Holidays From Us To You!

We are so thrilled to provide you and your loved ones with the smile care and oral surgery you need. Our team hopes you have the lovelies of holidays and that you sit back, relax, and enjoy your time during this very merry season. Of course, your oral surgeon would also like to pass along… Read more »