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Why Some People Need Jawbone Grafting

When it comes to personalized oral health care, there are many treatments that you’ll never need to undergo. However, some of the less commonly recommended oral health procedures are also those that, when recommended, can be the most essential measures for preserving and protecting your long-term oral health. For example, there are multiple conditions that… Read more »

When to Seriously Consider Jawbone Grafting

Most oral health concerns can have several different extenuating consequences on your oral tissues and structures the more they’re allowed to progress. For certain issues, such as periodontal disease, this progression can and the severity of its consequences lead to more complicated problems, like the loss of one or more teeth. In the process of… Read more »

3 Reasons the Health and Integrity of Your Jaw Matter

Your jawbone may not always be something you think of when you consider the state of your oral health. More noticeable things, like your teeth and gums, can often take center stage, especially when it comes to routine things like daily dental hygiene practices. However, the health and integrity of your jawbone structure play several… Read more »

When Correcting Your Jawbone Requires Surgery

The realm of oral surgery isn’t somewhere everyone needs to go in the course of their oral health care. Surgical treatments are typically reserved for extreme and/or complex oral health conditions that can’t be addressed with general dental care and restorative measures. When surgery with an expert is recommended, it’s typically to address a specific… Read more »

Should You Consider Jawbone Grafting Before Dental Implants?

When you’ve experienced tooth loss, rebuilding your smile and restoring your bite function can mean several different things. Most important is the replacement of your lost tooth or teeth. Without them, your bite can’t function properly, as the teeth that remain won’t be able to effectively absorb and distribute your bite’s pressure. However, rebuilding your… Read more »

A Few Problems Jaw Surgery May Solve

In addition to the more common oral health concerns that many people are used to dealing with, such as tooth decay and gum disease, there are also some conditions that require much more detailed care. For example, when you have an issue that impacts the health and integrity of an underlying oral structure, such as… Read more »

When Is Jawbone Grafting a Good Idea?

When you experience tooth loss, the missing space (or spaces) in your smile can lead to several negative consequences for your oral health and structures. For instance, the jawbone structure that supports and sustains your teeth roots can suffer from the lack of stimulation. Your bite overall can experience trouble as your remaining teeth struggle… Read more »

An Overview of Jawbone Grafting

Oral surgery offers a number of solutions for dealing with oral health concerns that are too complex for general dental treatment. Issues that can impact structures beyond your teeth and gums, such as your upper or lower jawbone, may require surgery to address in a successful manner. In some cases, that solution includes surgically grafting… Read more »

Ways Your Jawbone Can Grow Weaker Over Time

For many common oral health problems, the visible impacts they have on your smile are limited in their earliest stages. It’s the more severe phases of oral health concerns that can begin to have noticeable impacts on the appearance of your smile, facial structures, and more. Depending on the nature of your oral health concern,… Read more »

3 Things that Can Impact Your Jawbone

For your general dental health care, the focus is often mainly on your teeth and gum tissues. That’s because the most common chronic dental issues are tooth decay and gum disease, which develop in and progress through these tissues. However, some of the more complex concerns that could affect your oral health involve the size,… Read more »