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Our Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Practice: Why We Love What We Do! 

We’d like to let you in on a little (not so secret) fact: The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at our Santa Rosa, CA practice love what we do! What’s that, you ask? Well, in short, we offer you comprehensive oral surgery services, including advanced imaging technology, all under one roof. We provide you with the… Read more »

What Makes Oral Surgery Similar To Your Routine Dental Care?

If you’re like many patients we see for oral surgery needs at our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, then you see routine dental care as just another part of life. It’s no biggie! However, when the topic of surgery comes up, all bets are off! There’s something about needing specialized care that… Read more »

Seeing Us About Oral Surgery: A Typical Run Through 

You know that you’re coming in to see our Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team for a visit because the thing that’s going on with your smile … your general dentist cannot fix it. So, here you are, planning on visiting an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice and this is completely new territory for you…. Read more »

Why You Might Need Dental Work Before It’s Implant Time

You are so excited because you’re ready! Dental implants are definitely for you! However, then our Santa Rosa, CA team informs you that you’re almost a candidate … but not just yet. Should you ditch your plan, you wonder? Or hang in there? What you should do is remember, of course, that each and every… Read more »

The “Why” Factor Behind Your Oral Surgery Hesitation

One moment, you feel so relieved to find out that there’s a way to make things better for your smile. It’s called oral surgery and if you schedule it for yourself, you’re looking forward to reaching some serious oral health goals that will put a healthy grin back on your face! However, then the reality… Read more »

Implants: Your Perspective Versus Our Perspective

You have probably heard the phrase before, “It’s all a matter of perspective.” While you may appreciate this idea, you may find that when you’re in the midst of experiencing tooth loss and figuring out how to address it, you may feel a bit snarky with the desire to respond with something like, “Nope! I… Read more »

Your Oral Surgery Team: Reasons You Can Always Contact Us!

When the moment arises when you think you need oral surgery, you might need care from our oral surgery team, or you sort of just want to talk about your options, we remind you that we are here for you! Do not ever hesitate to get into contact with our Santa Rosa, CA practice if… Read more »

Summer Is Coming! Write Your Smile To-Do List.

When you’re in the heart of springtime, which is a lovely place to be, you may find yourself so distracted by the beautiful flowers and weather that you forget about your usual responsibilities! This means you might forget about any oral surgery plans you were drumming up for yourself or your family. Unfortunately, this can… Read more »

Yep, We Can Help You With That!

You may wonder to yourself when you find our practice (or if you’re already a patient at our practice): “I know they offer oral surgery … but can they help me with that?” Sometimes, you stumble across something you assume we may not be able to assist you with because you think it may be… Read more »

A Few Easter Reminders For Optimal Smile Protection

Yes, of course, our Rohnert Park, CA team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons loves being able to help you when you accidentally crack or dislodge a tooth or end up in need of an intensive repair for your oral health. It’s what we are here for! However, we also love being able to help you… Read more »