Improving Your Smile With Jaw Surgery

santa rosa jaw surgeryWhen you sustain an injury to your smile, or the jawbone is weakened by tooth loss, you may need oral surgery. The same goes for concerns that develop as your smile grows. With orthognathic surgery, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral and maxillofacial surgeons can help with jaw surgery!

When Do You Need Orthognathic Treatment?

When should you contact our team for treatment? You may need orthognathic surgery following a serious injury to your face or jaw, which can break bones or cause missing teeth. This could be necessary if you have issues that occur naturally and impact the balance of your bite and your overall facial structure, causing receding chins and other esthetic concerns, while also leaving you vulnerable to issues like TMJ disorder, bruxism (teeth grinding), and more. Our team can conduct treatment to help improve balance and also boost the appearance of your facial beauty and structure!

Examining Your Smile

We will start with an examination, in which we take detailed images of your smile from multiple angles with digital x-rays and CBCT imagery, which provide high-definition images instantly chairside, using a fraction of the radiation and without the need to wait for development in harsh chemicals. These images enable us to make a diagnosis and plan treatment with precision and accuracy. We have experience with oral surgery in our office and also in hospital operating room scenarios, as our doctors often work in the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital as part of their Trauma Team.

Anesthesia and Sedation

We know the prospect of oral surgery can be a source of anxiety for many people, but we want to ensure the experience is a comfortable and positive one, even if you have serious phobias about the dentist. Our team can administer a local anesthetic to the area being treated to numb it and keep you comfortable. We also have multiple dental sedation options, which can help you enter a calm and relaxed state, with little to no memory of the procedure at all. We will choose an option for you based on your age, weight, medical history, and anxiety levels, as well as any medications you are taking. A trained anesthesiologist will also be on hand to monitor you!

Jaw Surgery

With jaw surgery, we often begin with dental implants to replace any missing teeth, and then rebuild the smile around these new teeth. Our team can address issues like breakage and fractures in the face and jaw, and can even move the jaw in or out, up or down, to correct overall balance and health. We also take your overall medical history into account too, as we want to ensure the results look good and inspire confidence in our patients.


Our team can also offer surgery to address weakened jaws. You can lose mass and density in your jaw following tooth loss, which can complicate your ability to receive dental implants. But with jawbone grafting, we can add structure to the lower jaw. These tissues can be taken from your jaw, hip, or knee, or from donor or synthetic sources. Once applied, this provides a matrix for new bone structure to grow around, which strengthens the area and provides enough structure to support dental implants. We can then move forward with addressing your tooth loss and completing your smile. You then enjoy a new smile that looks and functions like a natural one, and offer results that can last for decades to come, possibly even a lifetime!

Sinus Lift

Grafting helps the lower jaw, but what about the upper jaw? Instead of adding new structure from other sources to this area, we will essentially raise the sinus floor to uncover new tissues. The sinus lift makes it possible to provide new structure to support one or more dental implants, so you can enjoy a full smile again. Again, we take steps to ensure the surgery corrects bite function and oral health, while also offering improvement for your facial beauty too.

If you have any questions about our approach to oral surgery, or if you have concerns with your jaw or missing teeth that need attention, then please reach out to our team today to learn more. We want to help you smile with confidence and enjoy optimal results.

Learn More About Our Approach to Orthognathic Surgeries in Santa Rosa, CA

We can help improve the balance, function, and even the appearance of your smile with advanced treatment options! Jaw surgery can offer better smiles and improve confidence, and can protect you from long-term complications with your oral health and bite function. To learn more about orthognathic surgery and other surgical treatments, then give us a call at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at (707)545-4625 today!