Month: May 2020

What It Means When a Wisdom Tooth Gets Impacted

Wisdom tooth impaction isn’t as common as many other oral health concerns, but when it occurs, it can become a serious threat and source of discomfort to your oral health. Unless you’ve already experienced it, the condition may seem like a mystery, and fortunately, there may be a chance that you’ll never have to deal… Read more »

How to Recover from the Effects of Tooth Loss

With the right general dental care, your smile can recover from many of the conditions that could impact its health and integrity, including those that have reached a more severe stage. For example, restoring a significantly fractured or broken tooth, successfully stopping and managing gum disease, and more can often help a smile fully or… Read more »

The Role of Oral Pathology in Your Overall Health

To many people, complex oral health care often means the need for a specific type of oral surgery to address a foundation and/or functional issue with their oral health. This might include severe tooth loss, or damage or malformation of the jawbone. However, specialized oral health care can also involve diagnosing and tracking certain, less… Read more »

Oral Health Concerns that May Need Surgery

Unlike routine general dental care, not everyone will need oral surgery to repair or rebuild their smiles. However, the need for oral surgery is common for certain types of severe oral health concerns, particularly those that cannot be successfully addressed with general or restorative dental procedures. Today, we examine a few oral health concerns that… Read more »

A Few Things Dental Implants Can Help You Avoid

After experiencing tooth loss, you have a lot to consider about the future of your oral health. Therefore, it’s natural to overlook the long-term implications of losing one or more teeth, or what replacing them now will mean for your smile years from now. Some of the greatest advantages of dental implants involve their immediate… Read more »

Do You Have to Replace an Extracted Wisdom Tooth?

If your wisdom teeth, or third molars, become impacted when they try to erupt along your dental ridge, then extracting them might be the only recourse for saving your smile from the consequences. If you do need wisdom tooth extraction, then you may have several questions about the procedure and what it could mean for… Read more »

How Common Concerns Can Lead to Tooth Loss

Ideally, your healthy and natural teeth could last for life with proper care and maintenance. However, tooth loss remains a concern for many people, and the specific causes of it can vary greatly. Fortunately, many of these concerns can be addressed and managed before they lead to tooth loss, helping many people avoid it and… Read more »

3 Reasons to Extract Teeth (Besides Impacted Molars)

Some forms of dental treatment are more common than others, but even those that are less frequently recommended are often well-known. For example, many people recognize what tooth extraction means, even if they’ve never had to have a tooth extracted. That’s especially true when it comes to extracting wisdom teeth that have become impacted. However,… Read more »