Oral Health Concerns that May Need Surgery

Unlike routine general dental care, not everyone will need oral surgery to repair or rebuild their smiles. However, the need for oral surgery is common for certain types of severe oral health concerns, particularly those that cannot be successfully addressed with general or restorative dental procedures. Today, we examine a few oral health concerns that may need surgery to properly address, and how the right surgical treatment can help you fully recover your good oral health, proper bite function, and much more.

Impacted molars or other teeth

Tooth impaction is a condition where one or more teeth have become obstructed and are unable to erupt properly along the dental ridge. This occurs most frequently with third molars, or wisdom teeth, which are the last set of permanent teeth to erupt (usually, around the ages of 17-25). However, it may also occur with canines, which are the last of the front teeth to emerge, and may cause similar problems if left unaddressed. Because the structure of an impacted tooth is not fully exposed, extracting or bracketing the tooth could require oral surgery to fully expose and, if necessary, remove the obstructed tooth from the bone structure.

Significant oral and facial trauma

When accidental trauma occurs to your oral and/or facial regions, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge the full extent of the damage and its long-term impact on your oral health. Certain types of injuries can occur to one or more teeth, the jawbone structure that supports them, and/or any of the ligaments around the roots of your teeth. An oral surgeon has the expertise to examine your oral and/or facial damage and determine the potential impacts on your bite function and long-term oral health. With the right surgery or combination of surgeries, your specialist can help you address those concerns effectively and conservatively.

Tooth loss and jawbone erosion

Tooth loss is more common than oral and facial trauma, but in many ways, its long-term effects on your oral health can be just as devastating. While tooth loss can occur for many reasons, such as severe periodontal disease, its impacts are similar, especially when it comes to the health and integrity of your dental ridges. Replacing the roots of your lost teeth with dental implants is one of the most effective ways of rebuilding your smile and avoiding the potential consequences of the loss. However, if your dental ridge is already impacted by the loss of your teeth roots and has lost some of its mass and density, then you may require jawbone grafting to strengthen it in preparation for dental implant placement.

Learn if oral surgery is right for you

While most oral health concerns can be successfully addressed with general dental care, there are multiple, more severe situations that may call for specialized surgical treatment. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.