Month: November 2015

Winter Break: Tips For Teens

Do you have teenagers rummaging through your refrigerator on a regular basis? If so, you are likely already prepared to deal with big appetites and wandering forks headed toward the desserts and goodies in your kitchen this holiday season. What you may not feel so certain about is keeping your teens’ oral health in its best… Read more »

Quiz: Why Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Do you assume you will need wisdom tooth removal because just about everyone you know has had these third molars removed? Even if this is the case, it can be a bit hard to muster up the motivation to schedule visits with us (unless you are experiencing discomfort). However, if you are familiar with wisdom… Read more »

When It’s Too Late For Root Canal Treatment

Are you extremely concerned about your smile because you recently suffered a tooth infection, which resulted in a dental extraction? The bad news is that sometimes root canal therapy simply cannot save an infected tooth. The good news is that the problematic tooth is now out of your smile, so it can no longer cause… Read more »

Important Tips For Protecting Implants

While patients can become extremely excited about dental implants, they can also become just as hesitant. We understand that the idea of protecting these exceptional tooth replacement solutions may feel like a tall order. The good news is that your daily care will primarily remain the same. Brush and floss like you would for a… Read more »

A Single Missing Tooth Can Cause Problems

“But I’m just missing one tooth!” you may exclaim either to yourself or to our team in defense of avoiding tooth replacement. We understand that the process necessary for researching and replacing a tooth certainly requires some significant time and effort. However, it is very important to recognize that even a single missing tooth may result… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Implant Advantages

How much do you know about the advantages of dental implants? Have you become sidetracked as you learn all about candidacy, how much time the recovery process requires, and more? Perhaps the terminology has worked its way into the forefront of your research. Whatever the case, the benefits associated with this tooth replacement solution are… Read more »

Insurance Benefits: Don’t Lose Out!

Here comes winter! And with the chillier temps comes the overwhelming excitement of the holiday season. It can quickly take your attention away from anything that isn’t adorned with snow, that has nothing to do with time spent with family, or that isn’t pumpkin-flavored. We understand – after all, this time of year is full… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Silent Problems

Have you always told yourself that you won’t worry about wisdom teeth removal unless you start experiencing symptoms of a problem? On the other hand, perhaps you are worried that your child may already be dealing with third molar issues and you’re concerned about what we might find during a visit. As you may have… Read more »

Q&A: Periodontal Problems And Implants

Are you currently struggling with periodontal disease? Have you lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) as a result of this oral illness? If so, you may find yourself with a long list of questions about repairing your mouth once your gum disease is under control. Fortunately, we are ready to address your many inquiries about… Read more »

Your Dental Implant Consultation

Have you been spending a surprising amount of time thinking about addressing your tooth loss? Does this have something to do with the fact that you like the idea of dental implants to replace missing teeth – but you’re short on some very important information? For answers to everything from candidacy, what to expect from… Read more »