Insurance Benefits: Don’t Lose Out!

Here comes winter! And with the chillier temps comes the overwhelming excitement of the holiday season. It can quickly take your attention away from anything that isn’t adorned with snow, that has nothing to do with time spent with family, or that isn’t pumpkin-flavored. We understand – after all, this time of year is full of joy. However, as 2015 comes to an end, it’s important to remember that your insurance benefits do, too. So, if you were thinking about scheduling wisdom teeth removal for your son or daughter (or if you have been thinking about scheduling other treatments), we offer you this friendly reminder.

About Your Dental Insurance

How much do you know about your dental benefits? Do you know which treatments they cover? Did you recently plan your child’s wisdom teeth removal surgery for January 2016 without considering the fact that your benefits will start over once January 1 makes its appearance? Don’t worry – there’s still some time to sort out the details. As for the particulars of coverage, we suggest that you contact your insurance provider for answers.

About Scheduling End-Of-Year Care

We encourage you to contact us right away once you have received clarification regarding your insurance benefits. Whether you need to visit us for an extraction, you want to plan wisdom teeth removal before 2015 is over, or you simply need to schedule a visit to find out what’s happening with your oral health, the best time to do so is now. Give us a call, so we can work with you to make the final days of 2015 something to smile about (even when it comes to your dental care).


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