Month: December 2020

Three Dental Concerns That Implants Address

While losing one or more teeth can cause some obvious cosmetic concerns, it can more importantly cause functional concerns as well, and even lead to increased chances of future tooth loss. Because your adult teeth are permanent and will not grow back once gone, it is important to consider replacement in order to preserve your… Read more »

Planning Your Care With Digital Imaging Technology

Our team offers a host of treatment options to rebuild smiles in Santa Rosa , CA. We can restore structure in your jaw with ridge augmentation and sinus lifts, remove wisdom teeth, and even replace lost teeth with advanced dental implants. To plan these complex treatment options with accuracy and precision, we may employ cone… Read more »

Oral Surgery Spotlight: Bone Grafting

You may be wondering why an oral surgeon would have a need to perform a bone graft. A bone grafts is an oral surgery procedure, used to augment areas of the upper and lower jaw, when needed to give adequate material to anchor one or more dental implants. While many patients retain sufficient jaw mass… Read more »

Sedation Solutions for Oral Surgery

When it comes to surgery of any kind, one of the first things that comes to mind might be “Will it hurt?” We can confidently say that because of of our sedation solutions in Santa Rosa , CA, we can manage any discomfort in our office, from short and relatively simple procedures, to complex reconstructions…. Read more »

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Best Smile

Our smiles are highly personal, and it’s understandable we want them to look their best. If you have an uncomfortable or ill-fitting denture or bridge, every smile can be a challenge. If you have been considering the advantages of implant dentures, or if your dentist has recommended the services of a caring and experienced oral… Read more »

Treating Facial Trauma

Facial trauma could include minor and severe issues, from tooth loss to fractures, to facial and intraoral lacerations. Often, these issues could require extensive oral and maxillofacial treatments to address. Fortunately, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons know how to address these complex cases with oral surgery and implant dentistry.

Oral Surgery Can Save Smiles With Wisdom Teeth Removal

As we grow, our smiles undergo a number of changes. However, some of these changes could be potentially harmful for your smile’s health, appearance, and stability. As we enter adulthood, up to four new molars could erupt. Known as wisdom teeth, these could pose serious risks for your smile. Fortunately, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral… Read more »

The Many Ways Dental Implants Can Enhance Your Grin

Having a lost tooth can impact your smile in more ways than one, including threats to its functionality, difficulties with speaking or chewing, and cosmetically having a noticeable gap between teeth. Not only that, but it can have a negative impact on one’s self-confidence as you begin to experience anxiety about your appearance. Fortunately, the… Read more »