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The Cost Of Not Replacing A Tooth

Losing a tooth as an adult is usually not very fun. It does not come with a Tooth Fairy visit. With the exception of wisdom teeth extraction, losing a tooth as an adult usually comes as a result of some sort of negativity. Negativity such as severe damage or infection. When a tooth is missing… Read more »

Easy Ways To Avoid Tooth Loss Due To Decay

When you can avoid tooth decay, we encourage you to do so. Fortunately, there are many avenues down which you may travel to ensure your smile remains cavity-free. While this might sound very relieving to you, it’s not going to help much unless you know just what to do to keep your teeth in exceptional… Read more »

Why Tooth Loss Happens To Good People

Are you feeling a little frustrated as a result of your tooth loss? Are you perfectly happy that you have oral surgery options like dental implants at your disposal but you are still unsure why you’re dealing with missing teeth, while other people you know never seem to experience much more than a cavity? It’s… Read more »

Helping Your Children Avoid Tooth Loss

Are you on your way toward addressing your tooth loss with dental implants? Do you feel a mix of emotions, both elation at the thought of a complete smile that will be all yours again and the urge to help others avoid losing their teeth? This commonly arises when we meet with patients who talk… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 2 Reminders You’re Not Alone

Are you thinking it’s time to do something about your tooth loss but you just feel like you want to hide out? Do you find yourself feeling isolated, as though you’re one of the only people in the world who is experiencing a need for dental implants? You will be thrilled to discover that based… Read more »

2 Reasons To Choose Implant Dentures

As you are learning about dental implants do you find yourself a bit mixed up regarding traditionally supported prosthetics versus choosing implant-supported dentures? If so, this is completely understandable! You are learning a whole new vocabulary and you are taking in the details regarding the process, after all. So, when it comes to figuring out… Read more »

Getting Started: Tooth Replacement

Are you feeling unsure about how to proceed now that you are ready to replace your tooth? If so, we urge you to remember that every patient who experiences tooth loss goes through the same thing – you have an open space in your smile that you would like to fill but getting started proves… Read more »

Improving Traditional Dentures with Dental Implants

Replacing lost teeth is more than simply vanity; it is an active step in restoring your mouth’s proper function. Your ability to bite, chew, and speak clearly diminish with every tooth lost, and replacing them can help improve your overall quality of life after suffering tooth loss. With today’s advanced dental materials and techniques, tooth… Read more »

Am I The Only One With Tooth Loss?

If you have visited us because you are dealing with tooth loss, you may find yourself feeling a blend of emotions. Many of our patients feel most strongly that they are alone in their experience and that missing teeth is quite uncommon. Before you allow yourself to feel isolated, know something very important: An open… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Take Tooth Loss Lightly

When it comes to your smile, it’s okay to be biased. If your smile isn’t perfect, wanting it to be is a natural desire. When it comes to losing teeth, few people would consider the loss a trivial matter. Those that take a laissez-faire attitude about tooth loss often don’t realize the consequences of ignoring… Read more »