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A Long-Term Look at Tooth Loss and Dental Implants

The consequences of losing one or more teeth can continue to impact your smile even long after you’ve already dealt with it. Most traditional tooth replacement options, including conventional dental bridges and dentures, are designed to address most of these consequences, such as the change to your smile’s appearance and the impact to your bite’s… Read more »

Conditions that May Increase Your Risks of Tooth Loss

For most adults who experience tooth loss, it’s often the result of an underlying concern with the health and integrity of their oral tissues and structures. For example, a chronic case of gum disease (or periodontal disease) can lead to enough damage to your gums and dental ridge that tooth loss becomes inevitable. Or, a… Read more »

Why Preventing Tooth Loss Matters to Your Smile Long-Term

When patients experience tooth loss, the best thing they can do for their smiles is to replace their lost teeth as soon as possible. For example, with a custom-designed dental implant restoration, they can replace all of their lost tooth’s structure, including the root, to help restore their bite’s full functionality and preserve their smiles… Read more »

Other Parts of Your Smile that React to Tooth Loss

Given the intricate nature of how your oral structures and tissues are connected, most oral health problems can have greater consequences than what you can immediately notice. This is true of common conditions like periodontal disease, which affects your gum tissues but is the most frequent cause of tooth loss. It’s also true for more… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Changes Your Smile Forever

There are several reasons why it’s important to prevent the loss of your natural teeth, or to address tooth loss as soon as possible if it occurs. Most important, however, is the fact that losing an adult tooth is permanent, and the consequences of it will continue to affect your smile until you actively take… Read more »

Unhappy With Loose Dentures? Learn How Implants Can Help

While a set of dentures can bring back your complete smile after advanced tooth loss, a prosthetic that is removable can lack practical support. This can lead to frustration over time. After all, your ability to bite and chew will be reduced, and you can find that changes in your jawbone over time make your… Read more »

Is It Actually Possible to Prevent Tooth Loss?

For some people, the fact that tooth loss is preventable can be surprising. It occurs frequently enough that many people can mistake it as something that everyone will eventually have to face. However, the truth is that most cases of tooth loss occur because of an underlying problem that could have been addressed earlier, or… Read more »

Factors that Could Contribute to You Losing Teeth

Tooth loss isn’t always as clear-cut as it seems, and many people who experience it may have been able to prevent it if they addressed their specific risk factors sooner. The problem with losing a tooth is that it won’t grow back, and replacing it can only go so far in helping you regain your… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Continues to Impact Your Smile

For most dental health concerns, undergoing the right customized dental treatment can alleviate the problem and stop it from getting worse so you can preserve your healthy smile. However, tooth loss is different than other oral health concerns in many ways. For instance, tooth loss doesn’t occur on its own, but is often a symptom… Read more »

What Smile Restoration Means After Tooth Loss

When it comes to restoring a tooth that’s compromised in some way, the goal is to help the tooth regain its function and preserve what remains of its healthy, natural structure. However, when a tooth is lost or extracted, that’s no longer possible, and restoring your smile depends on replacing the tooth in order to… Read more »