Month: June 2015

Bone Grafting: Prepare Your Jaw for Implants

Have you been excitedly reading up on dental implants and the advantages they may offer you? If you answer, “yes” to this question and also suffer from jawbone deterioration, you may feel a bit hesitant to schedule an appointment to discuss choosing implants to replace your missing teeth. Patients often worry a consultation will prove… Read more »

Dental Implant Play-By-Play

Dental implants provide patients with an exceptionally stable teeth replacement solution. If you have been looking for a way to replace one tooth or multiple teeth, you may find the long-term prosthetic you desire with implants if your goal is to replace your entire tooth (or teeth) from root to crown. For those set on… Read more »

Dental Implant Candidacy: Your FAQs

Have you done enough research into the details of implants to determine that they sound like a wonderful solution for your tooth loss? If so, have you begun the process of speaking with us about treatment or are you hesitating? We often find that patients feel excited about the exceptional benefits of dental implants but… Read more »

Anesthesia: Your Candidacy

Visiting the dentist for any reason at all may cause you to feel a bit stressed or anxious. This is true both for patients who usually feel relaxed seeking dental care as well as for those patients who deal with severe dental anxiety. Fortunately, we offer anesthesia options to ensure you can feel at ease… Read more »

Dental Implants: Do They Require Complex Care?

If you have been considering replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, you may find that you have an awful lot of questions regarding what to expect. While all of the benefits and details in the world may make you feel extremely confident about making a final decision, there’s one concern that may cause you… Read more »

Dental Implants And Your Smile Alignment

Dealing with tooth loss can have a widespread effect on your smile. Beyond the obvious fact that most patients feel unhappy with the appearance of open spaces in their grins is a list of additional complications that may arise. Did you know that neglecting tooth loss might actually result in the misalignment of your smile?… Read more »

Prepping For Implants: Your Questions

So, you have discovered the exciting world of implants, dental prosthetics that assist in restoring your entire tooth from root to crown. While you may feel overjoyed to have found the teeth replacement solution you have been seeking, you may need to cool your jets for a moment before making a final decision. You see,… Read more »

Brushing Up On Dental Implant Parts

Dental implants offer a teeth replacement solution to patients seeking exceptional stability. This is certainly a wonderful benefit. However, if you have just begun looking into options for restoring your smile, you may find that the world of dental prosthetics a bit overwhelming. When it comes to implants, the terminology and different parts may add… Read more »

Reasons We Suggest Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may feel pretty certain that third molars are teeth that erupt when your teen years are behind you. You may also feel quite sure that most people you know have undergone wisdom teeth removal to promote oral health. However, you may not know much more about these teeth or why they are so commonly… Read more »

Why We Suggest Extractions

Have you recently found out that you need a general extraction to protect your smile? If so, you may feel a bit surprised that the removal of your tooth is the best solution – perhaps there’s some restorative option that will allow you to keep your tooth, you may think to yourself. We understand your… Read more »