Why We Suggest Extractions

Have you recently found out that you need a general extraction to protect your smile? If so, you may feel a bit surprised that the removal of your tooth is the best solution – perhaps there’s some restorative option that will allow you to keep your tooth, you may think to yourself. We understand your concern and would like to shed some light on extractions. First, keep in mind that we make conservative treatment suggestions and will always strive to assist in saving your tooth. However, your oral health and comfort are our top priority. In some cases, an extraction is the best option for achieving these goals. To find out more about why we suggest the removal of your tooth, take the following information into consideration:

Protecting Your Smile

In some cases, your tooth may become highly problematic and a threat to surrounding teeth and gums. For instance, imagine you have an infected tooth. The tooth itself will become extremely uncomfortable. When neglected, the tooth may abscess and the infection may leave its isolated area and spread to nearby tissues. The result will include widespread damage requiring complex, costly treatment. To protect your smile, we will remove the tooth with a general extraction, which may prevent serious damage, while returning you to comfort.

Prepping For Orthodontic Treatment

Do you have overcrowded teeth or another type of malocclusion requiring orthodontic treatment? If so, your personalized care plan may require the removal of teeth to make room to properly align your teeth.

Addressing Significant Damage

Have you broken your tooth? Perhaps you bit down on something that resulted in breakage. Some patients may suffer from significant tooth decay that leaves a tooth in serious condition too dire for a filling, crown, or other treatment. If your tooth is too damaged or unhealthy to remain standing on its own or with the coverage of a crown, we may suggest an extraction. Then, we will discuss tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile. 


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