Month: May 2017

Summer And Dental Implants: A Couple Reminders

Do you have dental implants in your smile? Are you planning on it? Somewhere in the middle of the whole process? Fortunately, a smile with implants certainly bodes well for summertime fun (and for every season forever after that), since you’ll experience a beautiful grin that functions exceptionally. To make sure you’re making the most… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: Why It Might Be Right For You

Are you dealing with butterflies in the stomach, jitters, or some general (and very unpleasant) anxiety when it comes to approaching your oral surgery visits? If so, let us begin by telling you that we completely understand how you’re feeling. We appreciate your decision to protect your oral health even though your emotions may be… Read more »

Dental Implants Quiz: About The Internet

Sometimes, it can feel like the internet is quite a good friend to you. When you need a quick escape, you need to find specific information in a jiffy, it’s time to check email, or there’s a funny video you wanted to share with a friend, it’s always there! However, when it comes to dental… Read more »

Dental Implants: About Personalized Care

Your experience with considering and receiving dental implants is something that is wholly personalized. While we know this, you might not recognize that care tailored to your particular smile, goals, and oral health is the only way to make implants work for a patient. Before you make assumptions about replacing your missing teeth this way,… Read more »

Why Remain Committed To Care After Receiving Implants?

You’re done with the process of replacing your teeth with dental implants, you’re pleased that your mouth is healthy again, and you feel like you’ve got a brand new lease on life! While everything might seem perfect at the moment, it can only remain that way if you keep up with your dental care. We… Read more »

Dental Implants Q&A: Should They Hurt?

From the moment you consider dental implants (and likely for the rest of your life), you will find that you occasionally have questions. As we always note, we will be happy to answer all inquiries that enter your mind on the topic! Of course, you won’t be surprised to learn that we have answered just… Read more »

Dental Care: Following The Rules

There are many reasons you may visit us for dental implants and other types of oral surgery. In many instances, the factors that lead you to us will be completely unavoidable. In others, however, you may experience problems with your oral health that you could have very easily prevented with some simple yet helpful efforts…. Read more »

World No Tobacco Day: What It Means To You

As we head further into spring, did you know that World No Tobacco Day is right around the corner? Whether you use tobacco or not, this day (on May 17th, 2017) is a time to recognize the impact that tobacco can have on your life, the lives of those around you, and very importantly: On… Read more »

Implant Dentures: Your Quiz!

When you’re taking the time to research your dental implant options, you will discover that there is more than what initially meets the eye. In addition to having access to a treatment that can replace one tooth at a time, you have access to options that let you replace multiple teeth at a time. One… Read more »

Oral Health Protection: All About Lists

When you’re doing your best to protect your oral health, it’s easy to start feeling a bit inundated with details and things to remember (all while focusing on the millions of other daily tasks life requires of you). In order to ensure you can address your smile needs with ease, we suggest you consider getting… Read more »