Oral Health Protection: All About Lists

When you’re doing your best to protect your oral health, it’s easy to start feeling a bit inundated with details and things to remember (all while focusing on the millions of other daily tasks life requires of you). In order to ensure you can address your smile needs with ease, we suggest you consider getting a bit serious about keeping lists. Ready to hear more about how much this can help? We are happy to explain.

What Makes Lists Helpful?

When you realize just how far-reaching the aspects of caring for your oral health can become, the idea of keeping lists is often quite a load off! For instance, you need to remember to practice your preventive care, to see your general dentist, and to keep your bathroom stocked with dental hygiene items. You may also need to keep up with scheduling and showing up for your visits with us, following our suggestions, and coming in for continued care. With lists, keeping it all sorted and staying ahead of the game remains easy and you remain free of smile-related stress.

What Types Of Lists Should I Keep?

When you’re considering the best way to organize the details of your oral health, it’s all about what works for you! However, to get you started, we have some suggestions that may make organizing the details much simpler to approach, including the following:

  • Keep a “General Dental” list, which may include everything you need regarding your home care (such as a shopping list for essential products)
  • Next, keep an “Appointments” list, which can include any and all appointments that you need to schedule and that you have already scheduled with your general dentist or our practice
  • Consider a “Travel List” to ensure you never leave home without the products and items you need for your smile

Keep Your Oral Health Safe With Helpful Tips

We are happy to help you keep your oral health in excellent condition with some simple tips (that can make all the details easier to track). Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.