Month: November 2022

See Us For Your Oral Pathologies

santa rosa oral pathology

Sores and abnormalities that develop in your smile could potentially mean serious issues, including oral cancer. Which is why we recommend seeing us for common oral pathologies, including sores and lesions that don’t heal after a week. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk about treating oral pathologies.

Ensuring A Comfortable Surgery With Sedation

rohnert park sedation

When you undergo oral surgery, whether you need a simple dental extraction or corrective jaw surgery, we want to make sure your experience is a comfortable one. We have licensed team members with sedation experience ready to help patients of all ages! In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk about dental… Read more »

Providing Gentle General Extractions For Your Smile

santa rosa tooth extraction

When a tooth needs to be taken out to improve your oral health, we will accomplish this with a tooth extraction. We could use this to prevent wisdom tooth complications, or to prepare smiles for dental implant dentures. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk about our general extractions.

Supporting A New Smile With All-On-Four Dentures

santa rosa all-on-four dentures

When you have total tooth loss, or at least have lost the majority of your teeth, then the health, function, and appearance of your smile suffers. To correct this, and ensure results that last for decades, we could secure a set of dentures with dental implants. With the All-On-Four option, your Santa Rosa , CA,… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss With Our Dental Implants

rohnert park dental implants

If you have missing teeth, then we can offer a long-lasting replacement option that blends seamlessly with your smile. Using advanced Straumann® dental implant materials, we can secure a new smile. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk about our dental implants.

Do You Have Dental Benefits Remaining?

rohnert park dental benefits

For people with dental insurance or a health savings account fund, then there are benefits and money available to cover dental and oral surgical costs. But these could expire at the end of December unless used! In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons talk about using your remaining dental benefits.

Better Smiles With Orthognathic Surgery

santa rosa jaw surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure designed to help correct the symmetry, balance, and strength of your jaw. This could address facial trauma, or correct issues that occurred as the smile grew and developed. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral and maxillofacial surgeons talk about how we use surgery to improve smiles!

How Grafting And Sinus Lifts Help Your Smile

santa rosa jawbone grafting

When you lose teeth or suffer a serious injury, this could have a negative impact on the strength and stability of your jaw. This could lead to an aged appearance, poor bite balance and chewing function, and even complicate the placement of dental implants. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk… Read more »