Month: June 2016

Gingivitis: Test Your Smarts

School’s out for summer, but it’s never a bad time to test your dental knowledge. Gingivitis is the professional term for the early stage of gum disease. Most of us know we should brush and floss to prevent tooth decay, but did you know these same habits help prevent gingivitis? Unhealthy gums are not only… Read more »

Implants: Don’t Let Them Distract You!

Receiving dental implants after dealing with tooth loss can prove to be one of the most exciting endeavors of your life. However, once your implants are in place and have been restored, it’s very important that you don’t become too distracted or sidetracked by their presence. In fact, the best approach you can take is… Read more »

3 Tips: Traveling With Dental Implants

When patients receive implants, they often find that a variety of unexpected questions seem to crop up over time. For instance, you may wonder whether you need to do anything special when traveling with dental implants. The answer is yes … and no. You will, of course, simply need to continue doing what you usually… Read more »

Jawbone Grafting Before Placing Dental Implants

One of the most-frequently performed oral surgery procedures is dental implant placement, which involves surgically inserting one or more implant posts into the jawbone. While dental implants offer a number of advantages, patients who’ve lost teeth must have a sufficient amount of strong, supporting jawbone for their placement to be successful. Today, we explain how… Read more »

What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

The risks of dental implant failure are remarkably low, with an overall success rate of over 95%. However, like any surgery, dental implant placement also holds risks, however minimal, and knowing these risks can better prepare you to deal with them swiftly and decisively to avoid dental implant failure. Today, we explain some of the… Read more »

3 Ways Implants Protect Your Appearance

You probably think a lot about the fact that dental implants will make life more comfortable and that you’ll have your smile back. However, do you give much thought to the very specific ways replacing missing teeth with implants will positively impact your appearance? If not, we encourage you to consider three particular cosmetic benefits… Read more »

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer

Here come the lazy days of summer! Well, probably not lazy but certainly a time to enjoy the warmer weather and make the most of the season. First, it is important to note that if you have teenagers, this is a wonderful time to take care of essential tasks (like oral health care) that present… Read more »

Avoid Additional Tooth Loss

Are you extremely happy with your current tooth replacement but you would like to avoid the need for dental implants in the future? Feeling proactive about your smile’s health and preventing tooth loss is always admirable. While implants will always be here to help if you need them, preserving your natural teeth is obviously preferable…. Read more »

FAQs: Advantages Of Dental Implants

Have you gotten ahead of yourself when it comes to researching dental implants for your smile? Though you have heard they’re the best, perhaps you recently realized you believe in their reputation but you don’t really know what sets them apart from other tooth replacement options. While you can easily seek out information about advantages, it’s hard… Read more »

FAQs: Implants And Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with the current shade of your smile but replacing your teeth with dental implants is of the utmost importance? As a result, do you figure that you will just whiten your smile once your restorations are in place (but then you aren’t quite sure if this is a possibility)? Perhaps you are… Read more »