Month: November 2017

Your Oral Surgeon Suggests: 3 Things To Watch For At The Holiday Table

Are you ready for some simple tips from your oral surgeon that can help you avoid accidentally making some very poor choices during your holiday meal? Did you realize that even selections that seem perfectly healthy and lovely might be something that could leave you with a broken tooth, stressed jaw, damaged dental implant, or… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: 3 Things You’re Wondering

You might feel completely okay about caring for or removing your wisdom teeth if necessary. However, that doesn’t take care of the fact that you’ve been wondering some things about these seemingly unnecessary and often problematic teeth that you just can’t shake. We would love to help address your curiosity!

Tooth Extractions: Not Worth Any Guilty Feelings!

You might think that requiring a tooth extraction is a bad thing. You may even feel guilty about the removal of your tooth, even if you’re not sure why. The truth is, you may see the removal of a tooth as a failure to protect that tooth. While we can certainly understand if you’d like… Read more »

Dental Implants: Just A Few Cold Weather Suggestions

If you’re wearing dental implants, then you know how important it is to pay close attention to your oral health. When you’re noticing a sticky sensation, bad breath, and dry lips, it’s obvious something is off with your moisture levels! Of course, this is a common affliction as winter approaches. Fortunately, we can help.

Your Oral Surgeon’s End Of Year Tips!

When you’re enjoying your time this winter season, celebrating with friends and family and cozying up during the holidays, your oral surgeon has some tips for you to consider along the way. Though we certainly don’t expect you to make your oral health the center of your seasonal fun, we do think spending just a… Read more »

Why Wanting Dental Sedation Isn’t Unusual

Perhaps you somehow got the idea that wanting or requiring dental sedation is unusual in some way. The truth is, it’s extremely common. You will find that at oral surgeons and at your general dentist’s office alike, the use of a sedative is becoming more and more frequent. Why? Well, because we want you to… Read more »

Implants And Dental Hygiene: Things You Should Know

Of course, if you have dental implants you know that maintenance doesn’t require a whole lot. It’s generally going to require the same as what you were used to with your smile before tooth loss. This is a relief because it means your life will go on as usual in the dental hygiene department. However,… Read more »

Speaking With Implants: 3 Things You Will Notice

One of the areas of concern we hear about quite frequently when patients are considering dental implants follows: What speaking will be like, will feel like, and more. We understand if you are thinking about this a lot. After all, you want to replace your teeth with fantastic results, which means improved eating, speaking, hygiene,… Read more »

Your Holiday Wish List 2017: Want Implants?

When you want dental implants for yourself, it’s not always easy to follow through. This is true even if you are certain that they are what you want, you know they will restore your smile the way you prefer, and you feel fully educated on the topic. Unfortunately, this might mean you’re a fantastic candidate… Read more »

My Wisdom Teeth Grew In Just Fine: Now What?

You might hear lots of stories from friends and assorted family members who had some serious issues with their wisdom teeth! As you listen to these details of impacted teeth and more, do you do your best to shrink into the background and hide? After all, your third molars came in just fine, they didn’t… Read more »