Implants And Dental Hygiene: Things You Should Know

Of course, if you have dental implants you know that maintenance doesn’t require a whole lot. It’s generally going to require the same as what you were used to with your smile before tooth loss. This is a relief because it means your life will go on as usual in the dental hygiene department. However, your hygiene will only go as far as you let it. What’s that mean? Well, if you know just how to practice optimal dental care, you can expect stellar results. If not, perhaps you’re noticing mediocre results. Let’s make sure you’re on the path toward best practices.

The “Whole Package” Is Essential

Your dental hygiene will help keep your dental implants safe but only if you’re also scheduling your twice-annual dental cleanings and checkups. Of course, this also means that your cleanings and checkups will prove quite effective but only if you’re brushing and flossing. Keep up with both of these essential aspects of care for the best protection you can give your smile.

The Tiny Details Are Essential, Too

If you brush your teeth for one minute each time you brush and you only floss every other day, you might tell yourself that you “brush and floss.” While this is true, you are going to have to brush up on those details. It’s about brushing frequently enough and for the right amount of time (and flossing frequently, enough, as well). If you can’t say with certainty that you’re doing everything “just so,” then we encourage you to check in on the guidelines:

  • Brush your smile twice a day
  • Make sure your brushing lasts two minutes (per session)
  • Floss every day (just once will do)
  • Floss your entire smile

Protect Implants With Dental Hygiene And Professional Care

Combine home care with professional cleanings and checkups and your implants will be A-OK. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.