Looking To Improve Dental Hygiene?

Have you been brushing your smile for most of your life with a manual toothbrush and you have continued to do so after the placement of your dental implants? Do you then floss and call it a day? What seems to be causing you to hope for improved dental hygiene? If you are experiencing plaque-related problems or simply feel like you aren’t getting your smile very clean, it may be time to make a change. Consider some helpful suggestions that may guide you toward the immaculate grin you’re hoping to achieve.

Try An Electric Toothbrush

Do you find it difficult to thoroughly clean your entire smile, making sure to brush every surface of each tooth (including the restoration on top of your dental implant)? Perhaps you are struggling to hold and guide the toothbrush, while moving it back and forth, because of physical discomfort or limitations. Whatever the particular issue, an electric toothbrush may work wonders. Thanks to its vibrations, it replaces the need for you to create strokes. Just move it throughout your smile without straining and enjoy benefits like super clean teeth and protection against gum recession.

Add Some Mouthwash

Speak with us about adding mouthwash into your daily dental hygiene sessions. A variety of rinses are available that can help you with plaque removal. As you know, plaque can lead to cavities and may even threaten the success of your dental implant. When plaque sticks to your implant or restoration, it can irritate surrounding gum tissue and eventually lead to something called peri-implantitis. Keep your smile safe by opting for optimal plaque removal.


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