Month: August 2019

What Makes Tooth Replacement With Implants So Stable?

It’s the one word you hear over and over that makes you feel more and more excited about dental implant support: Stable. You hear that there’s nothing quite as stable as implants. You know that if you go the traditional route for your tooth replacements, you may be looking at a complete smile that isn’t… Read more »

Implants: Why The Idea Of Replacing Multiple Teeth Alarms You

When it comes to replacing a single tooth with a dental implant and a crown, this may sound like a wonderful idea to you. Yes, it includes the surgical placement of an implant into your jaw tissue, a period of healing, some longer-term waiting, and then the final restoration of that implant. In the meantime,… Read more »

Will Implants Make Me Happier?

Of course, it’s very easy to give into the temptation to assume something will make you happy if only you could attain it. If only you could have that beautiful car, that exceptional sweater, that new piece of technology! However, you may feel hesitant to ever assume you might feel more content from a material… Read more »

Implants: Why You Need Such Personalized Care

You may wonder why our Rohnert Park, CA team is always suggesting you take the time to come in for a consultation with us! Can’t you just give us a call over the phone, let us know you’d like dental implants, and then come in for a treatment? While this sounds reasonable, we remind you… Read more »

3 Signs It’s Definitely Time For A Dental Implant Consultation 

Sometimes, you need a bit more than a tiny bit of motivation to simply pick up the phone, call our Santa Rosa, CA team, and let us know you’re ready to come in for a dental implant consultation, during which you will learn a whole heap of information about replacing your missing teeth! The truth… Read more »

I Still Have My Wisdom Teeth! Now What?

If you still have your wisdom teeth, whether you’re a young adult or well into adulthood, you may feel as though you must have missed the boat. You look around you and see that many individuals have their third molars removed the moment these teeth arrive, so you’re not sure if you should be doing something… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile And Implants: Reasons To Call Us Right Away 

If you realize that there’s something you need to remember to ask us during your next visit with us, then we encourage you to jot it down in your phone or somewhere safe, so you’ll remember to bring it up. However, if you realize there’s something you need help with right now, this isn’t a… Read more »

Avoid These Oral Health Issues By Choosing Implants

When you’re looking at the most obvious, immediate, and direct result of choosing dental implants, you know that you’re going to be saying goodbye your incomplete smile, as you usher in a new era for yourself: A complete grin! With that said, our Santa Rosa, CA team reminds you that in addition to freeing yourself… Read more »

The “Why” Factor Behind Your Oral Surgery Hesitation

One moment, you feel so relieved to find out that there’s a way to make things better for your smile. It’s called oral surgery and if you schedule it for yourself, you’re looking forward to reaching some serious oral health goals that will put a healthy grin back on your face! However, then the reality… Read more »

Acclimating To Dental Implants: Normal? Or Not?

How are you supposed to feel once you have your dental implants in place, restored, and you’re essentially done? Should your complete smile feel exactly like it used to? What if it doesn’t line up exactly with your expectations? Furthermore, what if you feel like something is wrong instead of right, even if you cannot… Read more »