I Still Have My Wisdom Teeth! Now What?

If you still have your wisdom teeth, whether you’re a young adult or well into adulthood, you may feel as though you must have missed the boat. You look around you and see that many individuals have their third molars removed the moment these teeth arrive, so you’re not sure if you should be doing something … or not doing anything in terms of these molars at all! As you might have imagined, the answer is easily received when you come in to visit with our Santa Rosa, CA team to find out exactly how your teeth are doing. As for whether you’re going to need wisdom teeth removal or nothing at all, we can offer you some introductory highlights for enhanced clarity.

Come In For Digital Imaging

To begin, remember that the answer lies partly in how your wisdom teeth are doing. However, since they are quite far back in your smile and since they may not have erupted fully, you won’t have a detailed understanding of their level of health until you visit our team and receive digital imaging. We will take X-rays of your smile to determine whether your teeth are in exceptional condition, whether they are impacted, etc. With that said, scheduling a visit with us is a very wise first step.

Discuss Any Existing Problems

Next, you will talk with our friendly team about how your wisdom teeth are doing. We may explain to you that they’re in perfectly good health and it’s up to you whether you would like to keep them or not (more on that in a moment). Or, we may explain to you that your third molars are not in the best of situations, which means the better plan is to follow through with wisdom teeth removal. When teeth are impacted, damaged, or threaten nearby teeth, extracting them will protect your oral health as a whole. In addition, remember that you do not need these molars.

Talk With Us About Ease Of Care

Now, about those teeth of yours that are in good shape, so wisdom teeth removal becomes a completely elective decision. Remember that if you can easily reach them and provide them with daily care, you may be able to keep them safe for life. However, the case is often that due to their location, they can be very hard to protect, they may become diseased, and they will then need to be extracted. If this seems to be the case, it is often smarter to remove them sooner than later, before problems have time to develop! Come in soon for information about your smile.

Come In For Details About Your Wisdom Teeth 

When you have your wisdom teeth well into adulthood but you aren’t sure whether you require removal or not, it’s time to come in to meet with our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons to learn more! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.