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When To Schedule An Oral Pathology Visit

What is oral pathology, why does it have to sound so scary, and when might you need it, you wonder? First, our Santa Rosa, CA team is happy to explain that this area of dental care includes the research, diagnoses, and treatment of changes with your oral health that are not considered normal. While we… Read more »

Oral Pathology: Could It Happen To Me?

Oral Pathology is a scary term to encounter. It sounds pretty serious, and definitely like something you’d want to avoid. Oral pathology covers diseases and conditions that develop in your mouth. While most oral pathologies are not life-threatening, they all need to be checked out by a dentist and many are referred to an oral… Read more »

Oral Pathology: Our Priorities For Your Experience

We know that a change in your mouth can lead to some amount of anxiety. One day, there’s nothing unusual happening. The next day, you see a bump or irritation and you don’t know what to do or how much to worry. If we have anything to say about it, you don’t worry at all… Read more »

Should You Worry About A Bump In Your Mouth?

Our mouths and tongues are full of nerve endings, and they often sense even tiny changes in our mouths. For children, that may be a wiggly tooth, or the sensitive area when a new tooth is coming in. By the age of 20, most people have attained their full set of teeth, and new lumps, bumps or… Read more »

Q&A: In Honor Of Oral Cancer Awareness Month

There are those things that are easy to consider and think about on a daily basis. Then, there are those oral health issues that are often easy to overlook and forget about until they begin causing a problem. When it comes to issues like oral cancer, which are often silent as they begin developing, it’s… Read more »

Is It A Canker Sore?

When it comes to oral pathology, which is the area of care dealing with sores, bumps, and anything that may hint at a disease happening within your mouth, it’s often difficult for patients to figure out what’s going on at home. As a result, we find that you may not know when to schedule a… Read more »

Something’s Different But It Doesn’t Hurt: Now What?

It’s a sore? It’s a lump? What do you call this? We call it oral pathology. This is another way of describing issues like sores and any other potential disease that shows up in your mouth. The good news is that many developments are benign (which means they are harmless). You will also notice that… Read more »

Happy Holidays (And Don’t Forget About Your Smile)!

We wouldn’t be an oral surgery practice, of course, if we could make it through a single sentence without reminding you about your smile. While the upcoming holiday weekend is going to be chock full of surprises and fun, we would like to help offer the slightest morsel of a recommendation: Take a little bit… Read more »

Taking Sensitivity Seriously

Everyone has a different threshold when it comes to experiencing and handing discomfort. As a result, your tooth sensitivity may prove excruciating and frustrating, while another patient simply ignores the sensation. Here’s what you need to know about this oral health concern: Whether you’re wonderful at tolerating it or not, sensitivity may suggest something serious is… Read more »

3 Reasons To Schedule A Visit

Sometimes you have a feeling that it’s time to schedule a visit with your oral surgeon – but you have trouble deciding whether or not to follow through, pick up the phone, and set a time and date. We understand that attempting to determine whether you should wait a bit longer or come on in… Read more »