Month: December 2018

Important Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Despite the fact that humans mostly no longer need a third set of permanent molars, many of us still develop them. As a result, these molars (often referred to as wisdom teeth) can lead to several complications, most of which occur due to a lack of adequate room along the dental ridges. At Santa Rosa,… Read more »

All -On-Four: Dental Implant FAQ

If you hear the phrase “all on four” it isn’t a complicated play being readied for a football game. Knowledgeable oral surgeons in Rohnert Park CA can tell you that All-On-Four refers to a specialized dental technique that allows many people to receive implant dentures in just one day, for a natural-looking and comfortable smile…. Read more »

2 Things You Can Accomplish By Calling Us Today

Guess what? If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to see our oral surgery team in Santa Rosa, CA but you haven’t followed through just yet, there’s a very easy solution and we will be more than pleased to share it with you: Call us. Yes, it is truly that simple! By calling us today,… Read more »

Recovering Over The Holidays: What To Eat?

When you’ve planned oral surgery right before the holiday and you are perfectly okay with that … but you realize this is definitely going to impact the Christmas foods you get to enjoy … you may ask yourself: What’s going to be on the list? What are some ways that I can still have a… Read more »

All I Want For Christmas Is My…Missing Teeth!

The line of the holiday song usually goes, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” However, we are gently altering the lyrics to fit your potential tooth loss needs to read, “All I want for Christmas is my missing teeth!” Whether they just happen to be your two front teeth or any… Read more »

Your High School Seniors: Remove Their Wisdom Teeth Soon!

Do you have a senior in high school in your family? Does your son or daughter still have his or her third molars, though you are almost positive wisdom teeth removal is going to be required? If this is the case, then our Santa Rosa, CA team wants you to remember that the sooner you… Read more »

Marking Your Implant Goals Holiday By Holiday

It’s so easy to say, “I’d love to have a complete smile by next winter!” However, when it comes to the actual details that require you to adhere to a timeline, to have a sense of pacing yourself, and more, it all becomes a little bit abstract. It can be easy to fantasize about replacing… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Things You Don’t Want To Admit But Need To Consider

You might not want to admit many things associated with the fact that you have experienced tooth loss. Whether you are in denial or you just prefer to block things out that have caused you any level of trauma, our Santa Rosa, CA team certainly understands. However, with that said, we remind you that though… Read more »

Skip The Resolutions And Start Right Now

Maybe you’re someone for whom resolutions work wonders! If so, then continue on with your usual New Year’s Eve plans to draft a list of fantastic changes you will follow through on for self-improvement in 2019! However, if you must admit that as much as you wish it would work, resolution making tends to fall… Read more »

Why It’s Wonderful To Have An Oral Surgery Team

Maybe you need oral surgery at the moment and you’re so relieved that you have been in to see our Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team before! Now, rather than having to do a bunch of research, essentially “interview” surgery teams, and find a place you feel comfortable, you’re already good to go. Perhaps you… Read more »