Recovering Over The Holidays: What To Eat?

When you’ve planned oral surgery right before the holiday and you are perfectly okay with that … but you realize this is definitely going to impact the Christmas foods you get to enjoy … you may ask yourself: What’s going to be on the list? What are some ways that I can still have a lovely time celebrating without putting my recovery in jeopardy? Fortunately, most holiday spreads happen to include more than ham or turkey that’s too tough for you right now, hard cookies, etc. If you’ve just begun thinking this through, let our Santa Rosa, CA team give you some early suggestions, so you continue feeling optimistic about your very good choice to have followed through with your smile care.

Did Somebody Say Deviled Eggs?

If you’ve been wondering how to keep your protein intake up as you recover from any type of oral surgery, particularly since you’re not going to be sitting down to a nice serving of ham, we remind you that deviled eggs are a wonderful solution! They’re soft, easy to eat, delicious, and they offer you your complete protein for the day. If you are attending a party and aren’t sure they’ll be on the table, offer to bring along your own batch for easy and enjoyable eating.

Pile High The Mashed Potatoes

First, remember to be very sure your mashed potatoes are not too hot (nor too chunky). Then, eat to your heart’s content! The texture will let you enjoy yourself without worrying about your oral surgery recovery and will help fill you up (plus, it’s a much beloved, cozy dish that will help you enjoy the experience, so you don’t feel you’re missing out on Christmas!). Then, of course, remember to drink some water, so all of that starch isn’t just resting on your smile.

Reach For The Jell-O For Dessert

Yes, we know that the other stuff is what looks the best: The brownies, the cookies, the fudge, the assorted chocolates, and more. However, though you may think to yourself that the cookies or other pastries certainly look soft, remember that you’re being very careful to keep your oral surgery site clean. If it’s still too early, you don’t want sticky starches to make this complicated for keeping your mouth clean. We suggest you go ahead and reach for the fancy Jell-O instead! You can gently chew it (or simply let it dissolve and then swallow it), while you get your fill of a sweet, tasty treat for the holiday.

Seek Oral Surgery Advice From Us

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