All I Want For Christmas Is My…Missing Teeth!

The line of the holiday song usually goes, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” However, we are gently altering the lyrics to fit your potential tooth loss needs to read, “All I want for Christmas is my missing teeth!” Whether they just happen to be your two front teeth or any others, we remind you that this time of year can really bring your true hopes and dreams to the forefront of your thoughts! In addition, whether you’ve just experienced tooth loss and have begun considering options for replacement or if you have been allowing yourself to think about dental implants for a while, one thing is certain: You will not be able to complete your implant experience with us by this Christmas (the entire process takes months to a year)! However, there is no reason to feel disappointed. Instead, our Santa Rosa, CA team suggests you consider those things you can achieve on Christmas as they relate to your smile completion! It will help you feel more excited about planning for the coming year.

Make A Decision To Choose Implants

All it takes on Christmas morning to push yourself toward a complete smile? You can simply wake up, give it one more thought, and decide that you are going to choose dental implants! Once you’ve made your mind up, you know the next step. All you’ll have to do is to let us know you’re ready to talk more about them or to schedule a date for your implant surgery. It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself!

Decide To Contact Us For A Visit

In connection with the previous suggestion, we remind you that you can also make up your mind that you’re going to contact us for a visit. You might not have decided that you are ready for dental implants but you do know that you want to talk with us about them. Or, you may feel 100 percent certain. Wherever your emotions lie, contacting us once your Christmas celebrations are through is easy. Pick up the phone, dial our practice, tell us when you’d like to come in, and you’ll be on your way toward replacing missing teeth!

Begin Your Smile Replacement Immediately After The Holidays

Come in as soon as you can schedule a visit after Christmas is over in order to begin replacing your missing teeth with our team! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.