Month: June 2015

Digital X-Rays: Reasons To Get Excited

The idea of visiting us for an exam may not be the first thing you come up with when you prioritize your list of fun activities for the day. However, when you get down to the specifics of what you can expect from your dental care with us, you may find yourself feeling a bit more… Read more »

I Have A Bump – What Do I Do?

We encourage you to visit us once every six months, so we can keep a close watch on your oral health. This will allow us to detect problems as they arise and often well before you even notice something is not quite right. However, if you notice a bump in your mouth, we urge you… Read more »

Anesthesia: How To Choose?

An uneasiness about scheduling your dental appointment is not something you should feel the need to hide. In fact, we encourage you to let us know how you’re feeling, so we may accommodate your needs. Whether you are visiting us to plan your dental implants, for oral surgery, or for any other service, your comfort is of… Read more »