Anesthesia: How To Choose?

An uneasiness about scheduling your dental appointment is not something you should feel the need to hide. In fact, we encourage you to let us know how you’re feeling, so we may accommodate your needs. Whether you are visiting us to plan your dental implants, for oral surgery, or for any other service, your comfort is of the utmost importance. To ensure you feel relaxed every step of the way, we offer anesthesia options to our patients. Ready to learn more about how you can avoid anxiety, while enjoying a truly tranquil visit? Discover more with the following:

Your Anesthesia Options

Your anesthesia options are diverse, spanning from “laughing gas” to take the edge off of your nerves all the way to general sedation for the deepest form of relaxation available. Wondering what your options include? Look over the following list and accompanying explanations for a better understanding:

  • Local Anesthesia: This includes a numbing agent that we will gently inject at the target site to numb your tissues.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Often referred to as “laughing gas” because of the euphoric effect it often has on patients, this sedation solution is also known as “nitrous oxide.” Safe for most patients, we will administer nitrous through a mask that we place comfortably over your nose. You will simply breathe as usual and quickly enjoy the relaxing effects.
  • Oral Sedation: Like it sounds, this anesthesia option is administered by mouth. You will take an anti-anxiety pill by mouth, such as Valium or Ativan, to relax your nervous system. You can expect to feel a bit groggy and quite tranquil throughout your visit.
  • IV Sedation: This is the deepest form of sedation we offer, commonly known as “general sedation.” We will administer the sedative intravenously through a tiny needle placed into the back of your hand or your arm. You will remain conscious but may forget a good portion of your visit once the medicine is out of your system.


Combining experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery with a genuine care for their patients’ health and comfort, the team at Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery is ready to improve the health and beauty of smiles in the Sonoma County and North Bay area. To schedule a consultation, contact our office by calling 707-545-4625 (Santa Rosa) or 707-584-1630 (Rohnert Park).